Cathy Chapter 4: Frisbee

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This entry is part 4 of 13 in the series Cathy

In order to improve customer satisfaction, I often get involved in the activities of my clients.

When swingers are our guests, I offer myself to their pleasure. It’s not prostitution per se since they don’t pay for having sexual favours from me but when they get home I know they brag about banging the “hot chick” who runs the resort.

Despite all my not too serious attempts, there are plenty of pictures of me having sex with various guests in most of the public places of our resort floating on the Internet.

I knew what to expect. Less than 24 hours after I first served drinks nude on our clothing optional beach there were already pictures of my white tail which proved I was a new nudist.

Since then, not only have videos surfaced but I decided to replace my conventional picture of me on our website with a rotating photo gallery of my luscious nude body.

Call it self-promotion if you’d like.

Of course, by now I have a full even tan all year long and my various naughty bits got used to being exposed nude to the sun. In my first year, my nipples would get sun burned whenever I forgot to renew my sunscreen. Now, even my shaved pussy didn’t turn red any faster than my shoulders or my arms.

Still, I usually walked on the hot sun wearing sandals or shoes, to avoid burning my feet on the burning sand. This afternoon however, I went further than I thought possible.

Yesterday evening, I had a wonderful threesome in the pool with a nice submissive girl, Candy, who was also occupied with her master and his other female slave.

The evening had been wonderful so when I saw the trio once again on the beach playing Frisbee, I approached the young man to try and get to know them better.

With the exception of my waist chain and my sandals, I was completly nude but he was wearing a pair of swimming trunks.

Both of his girls were naked and running for the Frisbee on all fours, frequently barking in excitement.

“Hi, I am Cathy”

“Hello Cathy. I’m Richard. Did you have fun last night ?”, replied the young man while throwing away the Frisbee to both his excited girls.

“As a matter of fact, I did. Candy was really soft with her hands and passionate with her lips.”

“I’ll tell her next time I’ll talk to her. She did told me she liked the experience too.”

I blushed a little. Like I said in the past, I am not strictly bi-sexual. I prefer men to women but Candy’s touch while I was mounting Pedro was one of my most exciting moments.

The black haired girl brought back the disc to her master using her mouth at that precise moment. I would be lying if I said it didn’t stir up anything in me.

I decided to ask Richard if I could try to play with them thought I suspect my voice was trembling a little too much for him to understand over the sound of the waves crashing on the beach.

I eventually repeated my query prompting to agree to my experiment.

I was about to just run toward the other two nude girls but I stopped before dropping on all fours and I rather crawled toward them.

Seeing them have fun on the sand looked so easy that I had forgotten how awkward it was to be on all four. I am not that coordinated and I was never as fast as the other two.

I also was unused as feeling the hot sand on my legs and the palm of my hands, but after a few minutes no longer minded.

The girls and I had a lot of fun. Richard would send us the Frisbee we would let it drop on the sand. We would pick it up by pushing with an hand on one side of the Frisbee and picking the other side in our mouth.

We took turns. At first, I thought it was a competition on which of the girls would bring the Frisbee faster back to Richard, but Candy barked at me to tell me to pick it up when it was my turn and I didn’t react.

I didn’t have my watch, but I think we played for over an hour during which my mind totally drifted away. I was no longer Cathy, the resort manager. I was Cathy, the dog playing in the sand.

A few times, a little sand got into my mouth, but I spitted it out like the other girls did. Unceremoniously. Without excusing myself. Like an animal.

It felt amazing to be free from the pressures of society. Kind of like the first time I walked down the beach completely nude.

All good things eventually end and in my case, it was when one of my employee, Leslie, came to see me about a problem with the evening’s buffet.

One of the refrigeration units broke down and I had to approve purchasing a new compressor. Sadly, it wasn’t something I could fix on the beach so I excused myself and took charge of the situation.

It’s only later that I realized I had neglected to get dressed before the repairman arrived. Nobody said anything about the fact I was still nude but I suddenly understood why he needed to explain everything in details to me afterwards.

Oh well. I guess he got a tip after all.

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