Change of story for Pat

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Pat is not evolving the way I had planned it to go and it’s probably the story which prompted a rewrite of my notes the fastest: after¬†only 5 chapters and less than 3 months after initial planning!

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Story status and notes

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Before I talk about my stories, I’d like to share that I am trying to get back on my feet to write… over the last 5 weeks or so, the buffer has shrunk to 6 weeks to only 1 full week and I am trying to solve this.

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Cat's POV chapter, and Kylie

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Cat was supposed to be the main character of the main story taking place in the Black Lotus dungeon, back when I was planning to build a serial dedicated to it.

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The Black Lotus Dungeon

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The Black Lotus Dungeon, which was first mentioned in Pets Chapter 31 was planned for another story, as mentioned in a blog from February 12, 2011.

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Almost 3 years of cliff-hanging...

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This Wednesday, I published Chapter 33 of Suzy and Jill, which is the second part of Chapter 32, published on June 14th, 2011, a good 10 months before I last initial run published chapter (Sue Chapter 6, on March 8th 2012).

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The Slaveteen Universe

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The Slaveteen universe was my first fictional NSFW universe. I created it while writing the Susanna story.

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Floor plan in the Susanna Story

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I recently found an old visio drawing of the floor plan for the apartment suites in Susanna, and with my current week, I thought it would be a perfect occasion to share it with you.

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And so, Lizzie is...

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This blog is a spoiler for the serial Lizzie if you haven’t read all of the chapters. Be warned…

This week, in Lizzie Chapter 21, we discovered that Lizzie is Suzy’s daughter, from the serial “Suzy and Jill“.

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What is the Enclave ?

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The Enclave is an alliance of telepaths that I first imagined for the story “Phil” back in 2004 or 2005. Read More…

Michael: A nexus

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It might feel weird to see that Michael is the half-brother of Cathy and the ex-boyfriend of Lindsey as well as the web designer in Suzy and Jill.

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I now only have 3 Universes

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My main Universe, which mainly occurs in Baltimore, MD contains the following stories which can crossover with each other: Read More…

New direction for Lucy

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As mentioned in the past, Lucy was written out of anger after something that occurred to me at work. I wrote one chapter in one afternoon and left it pretty much as it is for years.

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Change of tone in Susanna

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I am sorry if Chapter 22 of Susanna, published yesterday, upset you in any way. It is my darkest chapter published so far and contrasts with the other chapters published on the site.

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Why are class S slaves so expensive?

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In the Susanna universe, each teenager, on his or her 19th birthday, is sold at an action to slavery for 2 years. There are 4 classes of slaves, from which the teenager can freely choose but if he or she isn’t selected in his chosen class, they are sold at a rebate on their gender’s “default” class.

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Two new tags: Penatio and Sodotio

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Tags: ,

I have added 2 new tags on the site, both of which are present in Chapter 20 of Suzy and Jill: Penatio and Sodotio

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New Tag: crossovers

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This week will mark the arrival of a new tag: crossovers.

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What is Prevar exactly ?

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When I first started writing Susanna, back in 2001, I had the idea to write about a girl becoming a sex slave for 2 years. I didn’t know exactly what I would write about because it was my first attempt at an erotic novel.

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Which stories share a common universe

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Not all of my stories shared a common universe, meaning that the characters do not evolve in the same world.

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What is CMNF ?

Filed: Background @ 7:06am on July 31, 2010 2 responses :)   Word Count: 394

One of the Tags many of my stories have is the tag CMNF, which means “Clothed Male(s), Naked Female(s)”.

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Why don't my protagonists have a name ?

Filed: Background @ 2:28pm on July 6, 2010 One comment! :|   Word Count: 177

You will notice a pattern in my first person narratives involving a man: the protagonist usually remains nameless. Read More…

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