What is an alternate story, strike two

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The schedule changed a lot since I first explained alternate stories and the very definition of an alternate story and a main story changed a few times, so I thought it was time to clarify the situation.

On each of the days of the week, I have 2 or more stories assigned, either in White (primary) or Gray (Alternate). Some days, like Tuesday and Wednesday do not even have alternate stories, but Monday and Thursday have 2 and 3 alternates.

Why is that ?

Let’s check Tuesday and Wednesday first. They are host to four of my favorite stories:

  • Suzy & Jill
  • Harmony
  • Lizzie
  • Pets

In all 4 cases, I consider I should be able to deliver a new chapter on a weekly basis or at least, 3 weeks per month. Pets, for example, allows me to easily write 3 chapters in a row detailing the same evening from the point of view of all 3 characters while Suzy & Jill chapters are often easy to write in pairs: a chapter detailing the day of my favorite trio and another one detailing the sex filled evening.

Lizzie lives such a frantic life that even when I don’t have any ideas for her progress in the society, she has 3 potential sexual partners to explore with in addition to the option of exploring her educational life (which I didn’t get to really do yet).

As for Harmony, well, it’s like bread, it’s almost writes itself thanks to highly developed notes.

This, sadly, isn’t the case for Lucy, Sam and Olivia. I haven’t been able to write a new Sam chapter from scratch for months (Chapter 10 and 11 were partly written in October and left uncompleted for weeks) and Olivia was until recently giving me a ton of problems.

So, when the other 3 days of the week are filled with chapters and I am only missing Monday and Thursday with no inspiration for their main stories, I take a look at the alternates.

That’s how Cathy chapter 9, one of my worst chapters on the site, got written. It’s more of a rant than an actual chapter, and as a result, the next time I had an empty Thursday, I decided to let it there instead of publishing another crappy chapter.

I don’t plan to keep a story as an alternate. Lindsey used to be a first rate story with weekly updates but my inspiration dried up. I still hope to return to the sexy prostitute one day but everything she had that was unique is now copied on other characters I like better, making it harder to bring new hot ideas for her. Additionally, I made the mistake of writing her stories with an objective narrator and I realized that I write better in the first person.

So, primary stories are any stories I feel confident enough to be able to write 5 to 10 chapters in the next 3 months. Alternate stories are the other ones.

Phil should get a promotion to a primary story soon and Sam might get a demotion if I remain stuck, but otherwise, it should remain as it is in the short term.

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