Susanna Chapter 1: Learning the truth

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Like all the other kids, when I first learned that slavery was not only legal in our country, and that each and every one of us would serve a two years  obligatory service, I was terrified.

I knew what slavery was. It was being owned by someone; being treated like a property; being a property; having no free will.

Our teacher was trying to reassure us, but nevertheless, like every other class in the country; we were sent home to our parents that afternoon.

We had been explained that slavery had initially been banned in the past, but that now, it was legal. In fact, several years ago, it was decided that every teenager would be sold for slavery on his or her 19th birthday, for a two-years contract.

Initially, we were told, there were no rules, but now, the whole system was very regularized.

At home, my parents explained to me that they went thru this themselves. My mom had been a maid for some rich people who made her clean their mansion along with several other slaves, some of whom are still friends. My father had a harder time. He was hired by a farm and had to work all day in the field.

Being only 13 at the time, I didn’t understand much about it yet. But I now remembered a familiar figure from my youth. I was explained that after my younger brother Scott and I were born, they bought a slave to help my mother take care of us, while still keeping her job.  My brother being two years younger than me, I saw his nanny until I was four, still having some memories of her.

From that day, I started counting the days I had left before losing temporarily my freedom, like most other teenagers.

With each day passed, and each book read however, I became less and less afraid of the dreaded day.

There were strong laws to protect us. The goal of service is not to humiliate us, but to teach us discipline and to enable us to understand what it was to be a slave, in order to prepare us to own one, if we desired so.

Most of the book use simple language, in order to let teenagers understand them well.

There are several classes of slaves, and each teenager has to choose in which class they want to belong.

Class D: domestic; like my mother had been, and our nannies. They live with their owners, and they do the cleaning, take care of the kids, and all the small things of daily life. They were well treated, and as such, 95% of the girls choose this class. Some boys also choose this class, but were rarely bought, and as such, fall in Class L, but at a discount since they are auctioned after the normal Class L. There were different specialties to choose from.

Class L: labor; like my dad. They worked in the fields; they repaired stuff, and did general manual work. More demanding than class D, they were now given maximum hours of work per day, being the only class with real time off.  80% of the guys belonged here. Similarly, this class has several specialties to choose.

Class M: Military. In fact, the military didn’t buy slaves. The category was actually for bodyguards and security guards. They had it easy. Most of the time, they simply stood protecting doors or followed their masters. They were very prestigious, and it was hard for someone to enter this class, especially since in our area there was a very low crime rate.

Class S: Sexual. These slaves were used as sex toys.  It was the class with the lowest number of candidates, but the highest demand. There were apparently some boys, but almost all of the S Slaves were girls, beautiful girls, beautiful poor girls: the only reason a girl choose this class was for money.

Slaves were sold at auctions. A class D slave started at 10,000$, a class L started around 15,000$, a class M at 20,000$, but a class S costs at least 100,000$.

An eight of the sales price went to the auction company for its “service”. 3 eights of the sales price went to the government as tax, but the rest (half of the price), went to the family of the slave.

A lot of families who were poor convinced their daughter to be a class S. With 50,000$ tax free, a family generally left the poverty for sure.

With the years, I started doing more and more chores in the house to prepare myself to become a perfect domestic slave.

Slowly, like all the other teenagers in my class, in my city, in my country, I began to resign myself to servitude between my 19th and my 21th birthday.

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