The Serial Sylvana is completed

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This weeks marked the publication of the 15th and final chapter of Sylvana, a story I began a few years ago.

Did it finish the way I intended ? Not at all. For once, it was supposed to end around chapter 10. For another, I never thought this short story would reach almost 10,000 words (it is actually 9677 words long).

But the biggest surprise during development was the fact that I actually found a reason for Sylvana’s weird tastes. It’s not really that original compared to her wooden ark, but I think it’s better than simply having “John” join Linda and Sylvana for a threesome and finish with Sylvana and John possibly dating.

I thus decided to write a epilogue and to make it exactly 323 words long so that the whole Sylvana story will be exactly 10,000 words.

Olivia is supposed to be the new primary story for Thursdays, but I will not be able to sustain Thursdays with just Olivia and occasional Cathy chapters.

I have 2 new stories under development, Sue and Phil but neither are progressing well, with the development of Sue facing a major roadblock.

So, I might just move Harmony to alternate with Olivia. We’ll see.

In all cases, I still plan to publish 5 new chapters every week !

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