Susanna Chapter 31: Inviting Jeff

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Eventually, she signaled me to get out of the room; she left Simon there, but put a bathrobe on.

We went in the lobby, where she gave me instructions. She then called Jeff to join us.

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Lizzie Chapter 16: Post-Sealing Celebration

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Getting Kylie sealed to me was most likely the most fun I’ve had since I entered college.

Seeing my naked roommate kneel before me in shame and humiliation only increased my attraction to her forbidden fruit.

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Suzy and Jill Chapter 5: Divorce

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One night, Jill confided that when she was with her ex-boyfriend, they were roommates with another couple and that frequently they had sex together. Read More…

Suzy and Jill Chapter 4: Swinging

This entry is part 4 of 39 in the series Suzy and Jill

After a few months, Jill suggested we visit a swingers club. I was shocked at first, but figure, why not. I’m going to be in my forties soon, I am going out with a young hottie and its pretty much my last time to have such fun, isn’t it? Read More…

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