Karen Chapter 1: Coming home

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This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Karen

After a long day at work, all I could think of was my sexy and beautiful wife Karen.

Even after 5 years of marriage, she was always able to surprise and challenge me, to push me further and deeper in love with her.

On our wedding night, she wanted our first sexual relation as a married couple to be special, despite the fact we had been intimate for almost two years. So, she decided to surprise me by shaving her previously beautifully trimmed pussy.

Much to my surprise however, we didn’t even use her pussy that night, as we had anal sex for the first time, something which has since then been in our regular routine.

Two years later, she got a piercing on her left labia, just to stir things up. The piercing is gone now, but on our 3 year anniversary, she got her right nipple pierced. Once again, just to stir things up.

We decided it was my time last year, by getting me a prince Albert piercing. Well, she decided and twisted my arm until I agreed, I must admit…

For those who don’t know what a Prince Albert is, it’s when a hole is pierced through the tip of your penis, so that a ring or a barbell can be installed.

Yes, it hurts, but not as much as I would have thought: it pinches, then it hurts a little, and then, it’s sensitive for about a week.

But, my wife went wild and her sex drive increased a lot. Apparently, the barbell pushes just in the right place to increase her pleasure, and it helps to compensate for the fact that I am not quite long enough for her tastes, something that always bothered me.

I had complained about getting the piercing, about the pain, but I was definitely not complaining about her increased sex drive, not at all!

I did notice she was starting to take control a little more in bed, which is also something I rather like, I much admit.

Today was our fifth year anniversary. I got her exactly what she “suggested” I should get her: a waist chain. That’s another thing that rocks with Karen: she knows what she wants, and she is not afraid to ask for it.

I parked in our driveway and walked with a spring in my step: my wife isn’t the style to eat out on our anniversaries but rather the type to stay in, if you know what I mean…

I greeted her when I opened the door and heard her from the bedroom. A good sign…

When I entered our bedroom, I found my wife, completely naked on our bed, sitting cross-legged with a wrapped box in front of her.

“Hello Honey, happy anniversary!”, I said, as my dick sprung to attention under my pants.

“Hello”. I approached to kiss her. “Do you have my gift?”, she asked.

I took out the little box from my pocket and she almost stole it from my hand, visibly excited. Within a minute, it was wrapped around her waist and she was looking at her reflection in the mirror.

“It’s perfect! I love it! I think I’ll start wearing just this in the house when we’re alone!”

Wow, if only I had known, I would have bought one earlier…

“Can I open my gift?”, I asked her.

“No, let’s have sex first…”

You didn’t have to tell me twice! I almost leaped out of my clothes and jumped naked on the bed, kissing her passionately, caressing her body, kissing her nipples and even stimulating her crotch with my finger to wait her signal to began oral sex.

She explained to me in the past that even if she loves me with all of her heart, it was difficult for her to lubricate naturally. In a fight, she told me it was because her previous boyfriends had bigger dicks and even if she told me it wasn’t the cause, I knew it was. Still, I didn’t mind compensating with oral sex to help get start.

“You are definitely the best with your tongue…” she often said and from time to time, we just had oral sex, usually a fellatio first, followed by me returning the favor.

And so, soon enough, I was kneeling on the side of the bed, gliding my tongue on her sensitive clitoris and sending her waves of pleasure. Often, she will wait until after her first orgasm before taking me inside of her, and tonight’s was no exception… it’s only after a long wave of orgasm that she pulled me on the bed and begged me to get penetrate her.

Well, she didn’t actually beg as she ordered me in, but hey, I had just given her one of my famous oral orgasms…

Sadly, giving her oral sex is something very exciting for me and in those cases, I don’t last very long. I wasn’t able to give her a second orgasm, but I did have some pleasure for the premature ejaculation. Don’t worry readers, it’s not always like that…

I quickly lost my erection and laid on the bed next to her.

“Honey, you trust me right?”, she asked me, with a worried tone.

“Of course…”

“My gift is rather special. It’s not like anything I ever gave you, but I am confident it will help our sex life. Can you please just trust me?”

I was worried… But I reassured her and unwrapped the box she just gave me, while she retrieved something in her bedside table.

Inside, was a metal tube and a curved metal rod. I had a puzzled look, turned to my wife to realize that was holding a bottle of baby oil.

“What it is Karen?”

“Let me show you. Lay on the bed please…”

I did, but not without losing my puzzled look, and probably looked even more puzzled when she spread some baby oil on my limp penis.

“It’s a new tool to help us experiment with our sex life.”

She removed my prince Albert piercing, slit the metal tube on my penis, and careful installed the curved metal rod through my piercing.

She retrieved the last two items from the bottom of the box: a screw and a special screwdriver she used to fix the metal rod to the tube.

“It’s called a chastity device. It stays in place with your piercing and prevents you from removing it without this little key, which will be hanging from my waist chain”

“But why?”

“For fun honey! Don’t worry, it’s not permanent….”




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