Lizzie Chapter 1: My Roommate

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I cannot remember any point in my life in which I was a totally normal girl. I looked normal, but I was a lot more mature for my age than anyone ever gave me credit for.

I guess my parents did a pretty good job in raising me. They made me question everything instead of just going with the flow while giving me enough love to feel confident instead of needing to constantly prove myself.

This allowed me almost everywhere to be on top of my game, to look interesting. It didn’t help to look how I did but even without my smoking hot body I would have probably been able to befriend almost everyone.

It’s not that hard… most teenagers are rather introverted and ashamed of who they are. If you just have a little confidence, you can do pretty much anything you want.

Sadly, being able to do almost everything doesn’t narrow down your options.

I had no idea while I was growing up about what I would do until I heard about the Artificial Construct Architecture program at CSU. This seemed to be the perfect program for me despite being at the other end of the country.

Artificial Constructs were a completely new branch of artificial intelligence which required not only a lot of computer knowledge but also a great understanding of cognitive theory.

I felt uniquely qualified for the program and applied without hesitation. Because of its peculiar requirements the program needed taking two exams for admission. I managed to rank first far ahead of all other applicants in both the computer and the cognitive test, qualifying me for a full scholarship.

My parents offered to accompany me on the plane but this was my big chance at making it on my own. I politely refused and flew in alone for the first time in my life.

I had of course already gone to California on family trips but this time, I wouldn’t see them until the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sadly when I arrived, I learned that my pre-assigned room wasn’t available due to a computer error and I was bounced all over campus for hours until I managed to get assigned to a sophomore roommate: Kylie.

Kylie was already installed on the right side of the room, concentrated on her computer. I began putting my stuff on the other side and while trying to talk to the girl I would spend the rest of the year with.

“Hi, I am Lizzie. I am studying in Artificial Construct Architecture”.

Kylie didn’t really react to what I was saying, remaining buried in front of her laptop computer.

Because of the lack of a reaction, I asked : “I know you are Kylie. What are you studying in ?”


Just one word. She didn’t even move her head away from her computer. I asked a few more questions but saw that clearly, she was trying to ignore me.

It wasn’t just that she was busy. The rest of the day and even the rest of the week went by without really connecting to her.

I made a few friends in my exciting program and studied – and partied – hard to help me get through the loneliness of being away from my home.

I did manage to exchange a few phrases with Kylie but most of the time, she was reclusive and kept to herself.

It found it sad because I saw her a few time changing clothes while she thought I was asleep and it only made it even harder to be far away from her.

I’ve always liked girls, ever since I started masturbating. Boys were just annoying and immature and I preferred the smooth curves of a lady to the rough look of a man.

My parents were obviously very liberal regarding sexual orientation and didn’t even try to push me one way or another.

I did kiss one of my girl friends on a truth or dare game and the kiss lead to a short period during which she became my girlfriend, but soon enough the space reappeared and we were back to just being girl friends.

What took me by surprise was that I eventually found a few boys attractive. With time, I began to accept that I was bisexual but seeing my distant sexy room mate sleeping next to me was harder than I thought.

Two weeks after the semester began, I arrived to find Kylie naked in our room and in the process of changing into sexier clothes than I had seen her before.

A short skirt and a white blouse were laid on her bed but I couldn’t see any underwear. She quickly turned away to hide her naked body and after I apologized I left the room in a hurry to wait for her.

After a few minutes, I was allowed to come in and I saw that she was clearly not wearing a bra on her delicate and perky B cup breast. Her nipples were partially showing across the fabric.

She put on a brooch I had seen her wear a few times. It was a small metallic disk with the letter S inscribed in bronze 3 times on a circle, spread like a star. The rest of the background was a light pink in color. In the middle of the three S, in the center of the brooch, was a little hole.

I told her she looked great and asked her were she was going, but she just blushed and tripped over her words, leaving in a hurry.

She had forgotten to lock her computer and I saw that she had a reminder set in her e-mail program for a meeting tonight marked “Initiation”. The room number and time were marked but there was no additional information.

She woke me up when she came back, around 2h00 AM, an unusual time for a girl who rarely went to bed after 9h00 PM.

For once, I wake up first and quickly left the room to let her recuperate but not without noticing that the hole in the middle of her brooch now contained a little white dot which filled it perfectly.

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  1. ktrip Says:

    You say : ” after basic presentations were done,” and a few lines further down, the two girls present each other.

    It seems to be contradictory…

  2. The Author Says:

    You are right ! I fixed it. That first chapter was completely rewritten and that sentence was one of the only surviving pieces of the original chapter.

    It should be better now.

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