Phil Chapter 1: The chase

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And so the building really existed. I wasn’t sure I wasn’t losing my mind but the vision had been so clear that I had been unable to shake the thought away.

It arrived so abruptly I had no idea how to really react to the situation. What would you have done in my place? I stayed stoic, fixed and unable to move as Julie ran away without even saying she was sorry.

Walter and Henri had pursued her without even seeing me or realizing I had been there. I was in the middle of a sci-fi pursuit on foot and not one of the participant had noticed me.

I couldn’t blame them, they were caught in the moment and judging by the fact that no one else in the shopping mall seemed to have seen the action, I am guessing they were all expecting to be unnoticed.

It wasn’t a completely unfamiliar scene. Two mall cops running after a 19 year old girl like she was a lousy shoplifter in a relatively desert mall.

I shouldn’t even have been there. I normally work during the day but I had been feeling sick and needed to stop to the pharmacy.

Anyway, I had just came out of the pharmacy and was slowly browsing thought the shop windows wasting my time when Julie bumped into me.

I didn’t even see her run toward me. I was slowly walking toward a sales sign on sweaters when she violently bumped against my right side.

Had she not weight 106 pounds, we would have both fell on the ground but my reflexes were quick enough to keep both of us on our feet.

Neither of us say a thing. She was on the run and was trying to get to her house in order to pick up her handgun, a gift from her late father.

Walter was slightly ahead of the aging Henri. He was only the second in command but Henry was getting too old for such chases and Walter was seeing it as a way to try and get a promotion.

I could see that Henri was fully aware of it. I could even see both men leaving earlier that morning the Enclave headquarters I was now in front of.

Hey, I could gladly even see Julie naked in front of her mirror that morning checking her body to see if she had gained weight.

All of that, in the 2 seconds I had been in physical contact with the sexy blond girl being chased by the two fake mall cops.

These memories hadn’t been present in mind before she hit me. I knew her name, her address and had clear memories of her life despite not a single word having been uttered. How did I even know exactly how much she weight?

I thought of calling the police, but the trio had vanished from my view and I wasn’t really in a position to explain myself.

So, I did what I thought was my best option: I drove to Julie’s apartment. She was running toward it and perhaps I would manage to see her again. After all, she had quite a nice body and both of us were single.

If I managed to save her from Walter and Henri, perhaps, just perhaps, she would fall in love with her saviour.

Except that she never came home, even after staying for hours in her parking lot.

So, I did the next best thing. I went to the Enclave, a building downtown I had never noticed before. I should have before it’s huge and imposing. I walked in front of it over a dozen times without ever seeing it.

In fact, when I first passed in front of it, I hadn’t found it. It’s only when I parked my car and walked toward the location I had remembered Walter and Henri from that I actually saw the big wooden door.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I just opened the door as if I was welcomed and soon arrived within the majestic lobby of the headquarters of the all powerful Enclave.

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