Helen Chapter 1: Waking Up

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This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Helen

I woke up completely disoriented. I was naked on a small mattress laid directly on the concrete floor of what looked like a cell, complete with iron bars.

There was a pitcher of water with ice cubes still floating in it. Next to it was an empty glass and a bucket I dreadfully figured would be used as a toilet during my captivity.

Light was coming only through the corridor but it seemed to come solely from the sun, with no signs of artificial sources of light.

This meant that once the sun would set, I would be left in total darkness and possibly in the cold as there was no signs of a heating source either, just bare concrete.

I started yelling at the top of my lungs but after a few minutes gave up.

I tried shaking the prison door and to my utter surprise, it wasn’t even locked !

Running outside of my cell I quickly reached a staircase going up into what I could only describe as an alley, also made of concrete.

The top of the alley was open to the clear blue sky but all of its sides were blocked by ugly gray concrete walls.

The only two exceptions I could see were on either sides of the corridor, with the staircase to my cell on one end and a big metallic door with a peephole on the other.

Knocking on the door or yelling for help didn’t help me but the heat made me thirsty, so I returned to my cell to drink a glass of water.

I thought about how I ended up back here. Last night, I had gone out clubbing and this nice handsome guy bought me a few drinks.

I remembered ending up at his vast penthouse apartment and taking another drink from him but that was all I could think of. I certainly didn’t remember leaving his apartment but I can’t remember what I did there.

Shit, did he drug me ? I bet this is his own doing. Perhaps he is a pervert who kidnaps woman and chains them up in his basement…

Well, at least I had access to open air. If I could figure out a way to climb those walls, I might be able to escape the corridor and reach safety.

It was quite possible I was supposed to remain locked in here but that somehow, he forgot to lock the door.

Sitting on the mattress, I thought of a plan until it hit me : I could use the mattress to climb outside of my prison !

I pulled the heavy mattress up the stairs and laid it sideways so I could use it as a step to climb to the side of the corridor.

The mattress wasn’t particularly hard so it took a few attempts to get it right but soon enough, I was standing proudly on the second floor of this prison complex.

I could see that I was either in a high prison or still underground because the second level itself was like a big room also surrounded by concrete walls on both sides leaving only a 6 foot ledge on either side of the lower corridor. Identical steel doors were located on either side, for total of 4 doors on this level.

As I observed, I heard the door on the opposite side of the plaza open and the man I had followed to his home emerged wearing a nice cut business suit and a wooden chair.

After sitting on the chair, he simply told me “I presume you have questions for me Helen. I’ll do my best to answer them. You can sit on the ledge if you want to relax you legs… you did quite a lot of efforts to get up here. I am impressed, you did it much faster than most of the other girls.”

Completely taken by surprise, I did as he suggested to preserve my energy and went thought all sorts of questions into my mind before starting with : “Why did you do this to me ?”

“I like you Helen. I decided you would become a part of my harem. Don’t worry, I’ll give you time to get used to the idea.”

“How dare you ? Who gave you the right ?”

“I did. I have the power to do so and I took it. When you came up to my apartment, you were willing to have sex with me, right ? I just decided to extend the terms. You’ll be happy here.”

“I won’t talk if you let me go. ”

“Who is there to talk to ? There is only me and the other girls of my harem here. They have accepted their fate and soon you will to. It’s not like you have another choice. I hold all of the cards here. And just so you know, if you somehow manage to kill me, it will only mean you will never get out of here and everyone will die within a few days.”

“You seem sure of yourself. What makes you think I won’t cooperate and later find a way to escape ?”

“Follow me Helen. I want to show you something…”

The man walked toward the door opposite to the one he came in and opened it without hesitation. I stood up and discovered that mine was unlocked too.

On the other side were two balconies looking down a valley. At the bottom of the balconies were large gardens with various vegetable. I could see a few naked woman in the distance working on various plants.

A little further away from the vegetable was a concrete wall which marked the end of the property. On the other side of the wall extended vast horizons of ice and snow with huge mountains on the horizon.

It was the most eerie feeling I had ever seen until the man pointed out that there were rings extending across the sky and that the sun was a lot smaller than I had ever seen.

“We are on a ringed ice planet in an unexplored star system several light years away from Earth. Some of the girls good with astronomy will be able to show you at night where our sun is in the sky. The planet is completely deserted except for his little shielded area which needs to be recharged by me every week or so. Oh, and we are approximately 4200 years into your future. Welcome to 6234 AD Helen. You are a long way from home.”

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  1. ktrip Says:

    My favorite story on your site is Suzy and Jill, so when I heard there would be an alternate I panicked at first.

    But this one seems interesting too. Why did you have to put both on the same day ? Why ?

  2. Krey Says:

    Last night, I HAD gone out clubbing and this nice handsome guy BOUGHT me a few drinks.

    …a nice cut business suit AND a wooden chair.

  3. The Author Says:

    As always, thank you very much !

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