Pat Chapter 1: Dressing up

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Dressing up for a BDSM club is not an easy task… especially since my boyfriend and master likes to tie me up, spank me, and often, to strip me naked.

Still, I want to look my best, so I always begin by raiding my dress and shoes collection.

I know, I should know by now what looks good and what doesn’t, but it’s not that simple: it also depends on my mood, taste and well, how fit I am.

Will it be the red dress? Too slutty… the green one? Too long. The yellow one is too flashy for such an event.

In case of a doubt, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do: the official little black dress will be my choice.

Honestly, I have several ones, all of the same. When I found my perfect little black dress, I bought all of the copies in the store in my size and I was fortunate enough to mostly keep my figure from that time.

Well, not fortunate, disciplined. Even without my master, I was always strong on exercise and never prone to excessive eating. Well, I was never anorexic, just not very hungry.

Once the dress picked, the shoes would be easy: my black high stiletto, which, while I wasn’t allowed to wear them in our apartment (we have wooden floors) would be perfect on the cement floor of the ¬†club.

As for my underwear, now that the dress was picked, I choose my most elaborate set: my beautiful black lace push up bra, with the matching panties and garter belt.

Today would be the long routine, as I had not gotten out for a few days.

A warm bath for shaving all of my regrown body hair, especially on my legs, helped a lot and made me feel refreshed. I did three passed of conditioner. I never knew if it really helped my long hair to flow, but I think it empowered me and as such, I always did it.

After my bath, I stayed nude a little to try and get used to the cold, in case I had to strip in my underwear or naked later tonight.

I brushed my hair and styled it, braiding it how my master liked it: so that he could pull on it during sex without hurting me, well, not too much.

I carefully glued my artificial nails. Yes, I am now an expert at it as I prefer to put them only when I party out instead of keeping them on full time.

In fact, my master sometimes like to pry them off during a torture session… hum… How I missed him!

I did paint my toenails and placed my “slave” and “Slut” temporary tattoes, the former on ass, the latter on my left breast. Initially, I had to do my nails last, but I became an expert at precise tasks while wearing them and practice as much as I can.

I put my usual perfume, but not too much, like my master likes it.

I made sure I had my leather collar in my purse, as well as the various leather cuffs and jewelry my master might ask me to put on.

In the mean time, I had a black suede choker necklace which would serve as a virtual collar I could wear in the street.

The tricky part, was pulling the mesh thigh highs over my legs and hooking them in the garter belt’s straps without puncturing them with my nails.

Well, the real trick was to have a few in reserve… but I was getting better than better with it.

I put my dress over everything, and looked at me in the full view mirror.

I was astonishing! My breasts were especially nice, trying to push out of the cleavage. My hair was wonderful. I never regretted letting them grow.

I observed my legs and discovered that I was slowly accepting them. I used to have much more muscular legs, but I stopped doing any muscle training to focus only on cardio and it seems to be helping.

I finished by looking at my crotch. It’s always the last place I look.

I regretted in a way, that the tighter the dress, the more obvious my penis stuck in my chastity device was, but there was nothing I could do about it.

I turned off the lights and left for the club.

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