Sam Chapter 1: My Birthday

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Most kids struggle through life. After all, school is hard. If you manage to get good grades, you’ll most likely be flagged as a nerd or a geek and be unpopular. If you somewhat succeed in getting popular, it will be fleeting and require most of your efforts making it hard to do anything else.

But not for me. I grew up with tons of friends and plenty of success. Not only was school easy, getting girls was equally simple.

Perhaps it was my confidence. Many suspected it. Regardless of what I did, I did it head first without hesitation. I wanted to date a girl ? She’d know the moment I decided and I wouldn’t let go until I had her.

Sure, you will say I am not different than a stalker, except that in my case I actually got the girl. Every time.

Anna for example, is my on and off girlfriend. I first dated her when we were 14. We dated for a little more than 4 months until I decided to go out with Julie instead. Once I also grew tired of Julie, I went back with Anna.

Most of my friends said it would be impossible. I just walked to her house, rang the door and said to Anna : “Wanna date again ?”. In lieu of an answer, I got a hug and a French kiss.

Julie even became friends with Anna and I despite the fact I had basically dumped her to get back with my ex.

You’ll say that at 14 we aren’t that mature yet, but I dated Julie once more when we were 16. I had left one of the cheerleaders (I can’t even remember which one) for her, but after 2 months I repeated the process and went back to Anna.

You’d say I was a fool, but I even announced to Julie I was leaving her for Anna without having consulted Anna first.

That’s confidence. Hey, that’s even when I had my first threesome with both girls.

But I am not just good in school and with girls. I joined a few of the school sports including football, soccer and basketball. I wasn’t always the best player but I was always amongst the best.

For football for example, I didn’t know all of the tricks and I didn’t have the sufficient weight to make me one of the most important players, but I was able to hold my ground and force my way to a touchdown.

In basketball, the captain of our team scored on average 30% more points per match than I did, but he had been doing it for years while I only had a few weeks of practice.

The one sport I didn’t really excel at was soccer because, well, I found it boring.  All you had to do is run across the field and wait for the ball.

You would think I would have made enemies but everyone seemed to like me, even the teachers and the rejects.

I had friends across all spectrum who each thought I was within their own little group despite being a free agent. Geeks accepted me as their own while Jocks invited me to their parties. Hey, I even had friends within the Goths despite not dressing all in black.

It didn’t hurt that my parents were wildly successful. My father had a school bus company. I know, it doesn’t sound like success, but his empire stretched across four states and brought major capital. Many school districts who used to have their own buses saved money by hiring my father’s company to transport their students.

My mother on the other hand, was the best real estate agent in the tri-state area and the third best in the USA. Before she got her license, there used to be 7 real estate agents in the county. Despite the increase in the population, only 3 remained and my mother handled more than 70% of the volume.

I got my own brand new car on my sixteenth birthday, my own motorcycle on my seventeenth birthday. I couldn’t wait for my eighteenth birthday tomorrow…

I went to sleep like any other day but I knew that I would wake up as an adult. I didn’t really have a girlfriend at the moment, but it was simply because I had grown bored of my last one and I hadn’t picked a new one yet. Anna and Julie would both be at my party. Perhaps I could have a nice private party afterwards with the two of them like old times.

I woke up early, anxious to see my friends and get what I could only imagine to be a really big gift from my parents.

I could feel a pressure on my chest I never felt before. Odd I thought. Perhaps I was tired. When I touched however, I realized that overnight, I had not only grown a big pair of breasts, but all of my chest hair was gone.

I quickly searched for my penis to find that it was gone. I jumped out of bed and looked in my mirror. Instead of having the usual handsome muscular former football player reflection, I was seeing a topless top model girl wearing boxer shorts.

I touched my new very long auburn hair to be sure it was me, but my reflection wasn’t lying. The features of the face were the same, but more feminine. The eyes and the nose for example, were smaller. Softer. My stubble was gone leaving a smooth baby-face skin over my cheeks.

My eyes couldn’t avert looking at my majestic breasts. Not only were they relatively large, but they had a perfect shape hanging in place naturally.

I swiftly removed my boxers to admire my new body. My pussy had perfect pinkish lips but it was entirely bare. There wasn’t a single piece of hair around it or, for that matter, anywhere under my neck.

I knew every well that having a woman like that in front of me would have automatically given me an erection, but instead I felt moist inside. It was a feeling my girlfriends had described but which I had never felt.

From the kitchen downstairs, I heard my mom yell: “Samuel, it’s time for breakfast”.

Shit. What the hell was happening.

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  1. Krey Says:

    Typo police, changes are in CAPS.
    There were some other… awkwardly phrased things but they didn’t make my list.

    “I got my own brand new car on my sixteenth birthday, my own motorcycle on my SEVENTEENTH birthday. I couldn’t wait for my EIGHTEENTH birthday tomorrow…”

    “My STUBBLE WAS gone leaving a smooth BABY-FACE over my cheeks.”

  2. The Author Says:

    Thanks a lot ! I made the change…

    One of the reasons I am publishing my stories is to make me a better writer. That means being able to write more interesting stories as well as making less typos.

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