Lucy Chapter 1: Disoriented

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As she slowly awoke from her sleep, Lucy felt the hard cold floor on her back. “That’s odd, why am I on the floor?” she thought, but rapidly, that became the last of her worries.

The room she was now in was not her bedroom. She was in a very small room, only approximately 3 feet by 7 feet, 4 feet high. All of the walls were mirrors, and the only light came from a small encased lamp in the ceiling.

The tiny room also had a small circular depression approximately 2 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep, in which an electric razor for woman was located.

Lucy spent the first hour screaming for help, to no avail. She cried the next 2 hours, still without any success.

In fact, the only thing breaking her tears was her bladder asking her for a release.

Thinking the depression might provide a clue, she removed the razor to discover a word written on the bottom of the little hole: “Strip”.

Looking at it, she quickly realized there was no way she could relieve herself in the depression because of the small distance between the depression and the corner. Lacking an alternative, she removed her nightgown and placed it in the cylindrical anomaly in the otherwise perfectly flat floor.

Less than 5 seconds after she removed her hand from the area, a small sliding cover closed it tight, revealing a word once again written on it. It said: “Shave”.

Picking up the razor, she shaved her armpits and legs, but didn’t see any change in her predicament. It is only when she finally decided to shave her pubic area that one of the three feet wide mirrored wall opened to a similar but much higher room.

Approximately 4 feet by 7, the ceiling was now a comfortable 6 foot high, especially considering she was 5′ 8″.

Both seven feet walls were mirrors, but the wall in front of her had a locked door in it. Of course, on her back was the back of the mirrored door of her first room.

True to the first room’s method of operation, a single object was located on the floor: a large and high cup with a single word written on the bottom: “Pee”.

She didn’t need to think twice. She rapidly squatted over the cup and emptied her bladder, hoping it would not overflow.

The smell of her urine filled the room, leaving her wondering how air could get exchanged in such a tiny place. Surveying the room, she realized that nothing gave her a clue as to what she needed to do next leaving her sulking on the floor.

Still naked, hungry, scared and disoriented she wondered what was expected of her. “Why are they doing this to me? Where am I? What is happening?”

After a little more sobbing, she surveyed the room once more, only to discover that the word at the bottom of the cup had changed from “Pee” to “Drink” on contact with her urine.

Disgusted, she initially rejected the idea, but soon realized that these words were the keys to the next room which probably contained even more tasks for her.

Trying to imagine it was apple juice, or white wine, she slowly drank the content of the cup which fortunately, had cooled down to room temperature in the mean time.

As soon as the cup was finished, she heard a click in the door, indicating she passed the test of this room. After moving to the next room, identical to her previous one, She looked for clues on the task to perform, but didn’t find any. She let the door close, which immediately turned off the light revealing a phosphorescent paint in the wall with a single word once again written: “Sleep”.

Having barely awoken and being on a hard floor, she had trouble falling into slumber, but having no other choice she eventually did.

In her dreams, she thought she heard steps in the previous room. When she was eventually awakened by the lights slowly turning on she found the door she came from to be firmly locked.

The next door on the other hand, opened without any problems. She studied it and realized it was most likely totally soundproof due to how heavy it felt.

Once again, there was a cup at the bottom of which was written “pee”, but this time, there was also a plate with some food, including an orange juice glass. A single piece of cardboard indicated “Eat”.

She ate all of the food with appetite, and urinated in the other cup, in which, once again, the words were changed from “pee” to “Drink”.

She took her time, being in no hurry always worried about what her next task would be. The strong smell of urine eventually encouraged her to proceed to the next room of the same dimensions as the last few ones, but equipped with a shower, a sink and a toilet.

As expected, the toilet and the shower each had a command word, but instead of a mirror, the space above the sink had a complete sentence: “Don’t drink the water”.

After emptying her bowel, she realized there was no toilet paper and instead washed herself under the shower, using the small piece of soap bar to clean her entire body.

It’s also when she decided to discreetly disobey the command by partially opening her mouth to let some of the water enter her mouth. After all, apart from a small orange juice, all she had taken in the last day or so had been her own urine.

That’s also the moment she learned the price of disobedience as she collapsed on the floor, unaware that the water of the room had been treated with a powerful sedative.

We’ll join her when she finally wakes up from her slumber, in a new room, with new directions to follow.

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    Holy shit, this is completely different than anything you’ve written !

    I can’t wait to see where this is going !

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