Karen Chapter 8: more trouble

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And so, Karen was pushing a lot harder tonight than she had let on when she initially put the tube on.

What was I to do? Just let her do her thing and live the thrill? That’s what I always did. What could go so wrong?

Karen in the mean time, had pulled out a small box, this one from under the bed.

“So now, my little Chasty, we’ll see how far you can go. It’s simple. I have in my mind in how many days you’ll get relief from your little metal prison. It’s not that far away as this is your first attempt.”

“Can I know how long it will be?”, I replied, anxious.

She pulled out something, a horse riding crop as it seems, and hit me hard on the thigh.

“I set the time. You just follow. Just for asking, I add one more day to the sentence.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know!”, I begged.

“Do I need to add another day for acting like a little chicken shit?”

“No please Mistress”, I begged.

“That’s more like it…”.

Karen opened the box and revealed two little pouches, a black one and a brown one.

“These bags are your key out of your predicament. In the pouches, there are little stones. Black, White and Red. Every time you give me an orgasm, you will be able to draw a stone from this pouch. It will then go back to the other.” (she shows me the black pouch).

“If you draw a black one, you stay locked and the stone is put into the other pouch, the reserve one. If you draw a white one, you get unlocked for and get a reward. Good for you! The stone is also replaced…”

“What about the Red stones Mistress?”

“Ha, those are the interesting stones… when you draw one, I up the ante. Increase the strictness of our new lifestyle or punish you even more severely or perhaps someone even worse. In other words, you don’t want to draw a red stone… Worse, when you draw one, I will count the number of remaining stones in the pouch and had that same number of black stones to delay your predicament as well as two red stones. But, I will also place more white stones and this is how you can win some.”

“Can I know how many stones of each color there is right now, mistress?”

“I placed 12 black stones and a single red stone. There are no white ones… to win your first release, you will need to suffer a red one.”

So Karen was really in a sadistic mood. Each time I drew, I had an increasing chance of getting the red stone, which was my only way to get white ones.

If I could choose when to draw the red one, I would be better to choose as late as possible, since it would mean less black stones added, increasing the ratio of white ones. Anytime I would draw a red stone early would drastically increase the size of the pouch and introduce more randomness to when I would get out.

Karen interrupted my thoughts.

“There are ways for you to win so that you can choose to only draw a black stone, but it will cost you. I know you enough to know that you are probably thinking about probabilities so this is one of your glimers of hope to regain a semblance of control over the draw…. but if you fail such a challenge, you will get an additional red stone added to the pouch.”

“You said one of the glimers of hope mistress?”

“Yes, when you especially surprise me, I can add a white stone to the bag., but when you disappoint me, I can add a black or even a red one.”

“Thank you for the warning mistress”.

“Now, draw your first stone…”

Nervously, I slid my hand in the bag, retrieved a stone, and revealed it to be a black one. 1 down, 11 to go…



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