Lindsey Chapter 11: Golden Drink

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Lindsey had barely recovered from her triple play when she learned she already had a new customer.

She had rested a little in the client’s bath after he was gone but she still felt a little overwhelmed by the few hours she had spent in his company.

A triple play meant the customer would get a fellatio, a penetration and a sodomy, each time ejaculating into his partner.

Lindsey had performed a few triple plays with Michael live on camera and each time, the same order had been followed. Fellatio first, penetration next with the anal sex finish. The reason was simple: since it was all done live on camera without protection, Lindsey needed to finish with anal sex or she could possibly get a vaginal infection.

At the mansion however, all penetrations and sodomy were done with a condom so the order used was irrelevant. In this case, the client immediately jumped to the anal sex without even talking to Lindsey.

He came before she had the chance to even adapt to the rhythm but once he was done, he proceeded with presentations and small talk to give time for his penis to became erect again.

When he felt he was in the mood once more, he got Lindsey to perform a 69 with him even thought he was barely paying attention to her pussy. He later admitted the smell of a women’s vagina greatly increased his chance at ejaculating in the woman’s mouth.

Lindsey thought he was a little insensitive to mention it while she was still swallowing his cum but she couldn’t really complain: he was the client after all.

The second rest time occurred in the shower. The client asked Lindsey to clean his body by rubbing herself against him sensually. When he finally got hard, the couple rinsed themselves and they had sex on the bed doggy style.

Sadly, Lindsey had became quite hot and interested by the shower and was hoping that after 2 successful orgasm her John would last long enough to give her some pleasure. It wasn’t the case and he quickly left her alone on the bed as soon as his business was done.

Lindsey hesitated at simply masturbating to try and get some release, especially since she was already paid for the day by “Adam” and her John’s time wasn’t up yet but she instead drew a hot bath and relaxed in it for a few minutes.

She was still in the bath when a nicely dressed woman approached her.

“Lindsey ? We have a customer for you. You can stay in the bath but we wanted to clear something with you. Are you okay with golden showers ?”

As a matter of fact, Lindsey did have prior experience with Michael and gladly approved the client. Being peed on by Michael had been one of her first “third way” experiences, which was a kind of sex crazed trance she sometimes got. It would also mean that her current time was being paid for by 3 different clients !

After a few minutes, a gentlemen entered the room and as directed, she proceeded to empty the bath.

“Oh, I am sorry lady. I thought this room was empty. They told me I could use the toilet ?”

Lindsey followed the script she had been given while the bath quickly continued to drain. She knew she had to stall the conversation until it would be empty.

She stood up in the bath, revealing her nudity.

“I am sorry the toilet is broken.”

He avoided Lindsey’s gaze and started to slowly back away as the noise of the draining bath stopped.

“If you are in a hurry, you could always pee in the bath. I do it often. I wouldn’t mind.”

“Ok, if you don’t mind…”

“You should undress first however, since it’s often a little more messy than just using the toilet”

The man replied “Oh, right…” while removing his shirt as if it has been a sweater. Without missing a beat, he was quickly naked and stepping into the bath.

Lindsey didn’t leave and instead kneeled in front of him.

“Maybe you can help me… the bath made me thirsty”

The man grabbed his penis and directed it toward Lindsey’s breast a few seconds before a gentle flow of urine began to splash on the young woman’s body.

Instead of remaining idle, Lindsey slowly moved from left to right to fully immerse herself in the stream. Knowing she only had a few seconds, she moved forward to align her mouth with the powerful torrent emerging from her customer.

She didn’t really try to swallow for now, letting the hot urine partially fill her mouth and partially splash on her face. She crossed her arms on her stomach to trap some of the escaped urine against her body.

Eventually, the stream lost its pressure and simply stopped, but Lindsey was only getting started. The client only requested a Golden Shower but she was in the zone.

She lowered her head a little while closing her mouth. A little bit of urine dripped on her body as she proceeded to slowly but surely swallow what she had managed to keep in.

While swallowing, she gently caressed her arms on her upper body by carefully letting the man’s trapped urine spread on her gentle skin.

Once there was no urine left in her mouth or stuck between her arms and her body, she glided her hands on her breasts to further cover them in the still warm liquid.

The man was starting to get an erection but Lindsey wasn’t ready yet to take care of him. Instead, she wantonly licked the floor of the bath in long slow strokes, arching her back so her breasts would also slide against the porcelain.

After a few strokes were done, Lindsey noticed that the man was masturbating. She returned to her kneeled position and pushed his hand aside to instead start performing a slow fellatio while rubbing her urine covered body on his leg.

To get closer, she even wrapped her soaked arms around him while trying to get his erect cock as deep inside her throat as she could.

He didn’t take long to start to tense up in preparation for his orgasm but Lindsey decided to continue his fantasy and instead, pulled-out her head and continued with a hand job until her client exploded on Lindsey’s face.

The girl, still in the mood, used her fingers to drop some of the semen on her breasts which were still partially wet from her client’s urine.

The client got out of the bath and stepped into the adjoining shower without any hesitation but thanked the still soiled Lindsey for her time before leaving the room.

A quick shower cleaned Lindsey’s skin, but she needed to come and fast. She decided she had made enough money for today. She needed to spend some time in her suite in company of one of her colleagues.

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