Lizzie Chapter 32: Mass Milking

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This entry is part 3 of 31 in the series Lizzie

I did a quick look around as Annie was fetching my black robe for the ceremony.

I had been offered a mask, but since I had been the emcee earlier I felt like it was useless to hide my face. Well, it might have added to the decorum, but in a way, I wanted to be known, to be recognized.

So, in addition to Tim, I had 6 guys left in the room, looking nervous. Two were pledged, leaving four unlucky guys who couldn’t find anyone and honestly, in three of the cases I could understand why. Two were massively overweight and one was still fighting teenage acne.

But the last one was rather cute and I wondered why he wasn’t taken. Too shy perhaps?

I got my robe and began reciting my text, using a deep commanding voice which really prompted me to giggle…

“You are here tonight to be cleansed from your impurities by letting your seed escape. You are here because either you are not yet sealed or not yet worthy of being used by your mistress, and so, you are little worms, and as worms you should be as naked as the day you were born.”

Tim made me proud and quickly understood to undress, but some of the guys hesitated. Still, it didn’t take long and I had seven kneeling naked guys, each wearing a clear chastity cage. Annie gave me a pile of plates that we had previously prepared and I began pacing in front of them, explaining the process of the evening.

“Each of you will randomly get a plate. Under one of the plates is a sticker. That person will be my servant tonight.”

As I paced, I glanced at pretty boy and saw his problem: not only did he have the small version of the cage, but he barely filled it. Is that what they call a micro-penis? If so, I guess that there are special things that can be done with such a guy if he likes humiliation…

I went to┬ásee him first. “Worm, what is your name?”.

“Stttt, Stttew”.

Oh boy, a stutterer. Wait, wasn’t this linked to sexual frustration somehow?

I gave him his plate and explained a little why he is a worm, improvising as I went, but I decided not to mention his micro-penis or his stuttering.

I went down the line, distributing the plates and making sure that Tim got the second to last plate, the one with the sticker. Yes, I cheated…

“And now Worms, may the fate decide your future, reveal your plates!”

Almost all revealed at once (one of the fat guys was late) and I had time come to see me.

“You have been selected.”. Annie gave me a prostate massager, which I then gave to Tim. “Go and spread the seed”

“What do you mean?”, Tim whispered. “Massage one of the guys…”, I whispered back. “Oh”, he replied…

While Annie fetched a second massager, Tim began working on one of the sealed guys, Kim. Don’t laugh, he is Asian and a guy. The plate was placed just under Kim’s cage while Kim was on all fours.

I had hoped to make this quite official and ritual looking, but this was the first time and we had a lot of adjustments to do.

Still, after a few minutes of trial, dropplets of semen began dripping in the plate, to the frustration of Kim who clearly didn’t feel much. His mistress, also an Asian women, looked disgusted at the sight of semen. Poor guy…

The massager was sent away to be cleaned and Tim continued on the second guy, one of the fat unpledged ones, while Kim was ordered to lick his plate clean.

The Acne guy panicked and almost vomited at the thought that he would have to lick his semen, but Annie went to talk to him and it seemed to calm his down. I made a note to ask her how she did it.

One by one, Tim proceeded with determination and courage and one by one the plates were spoiled and then cleaned, until finally, only Tim still had blue balls…

I had his key, having used it several times and when I took it out, I could visibly see Tim’s cage twitch in reaction to his excitement.

“You have done good work for a worm. You are allowed the exceptional reward of having the right to please yourself”.

I unlocked Tim, but this is how diabolical I was… all of the women had been moved to stand behind me, but I made Tim face the 6 naked guys so that all he could see was them…

Still, he masturbated in front of his jealous peers and not long after, ejaculated in his plate.

All sweaty, he barely managed to lick his semen before collapsing on the floor. I wondered how long it had been since his last masturbation?

I dismissed the lot, but asked to talk to Stew. I wanted to know more about this guy.

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