Pat Chapter 4: My husband

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This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Pat

I was still talking to Hugo when he entered the room.

My husband, my hunk of a man. The only person I ever loved.

He smiled when he saw me and suddenly, I couldn’t hear anything in the room, I couldn’t see anything else.

When Jennifer spoke to him and blocked my view, all my heart could see was him, even if my eyes couldn’t see him. It’s weird isn’t?

When he’s not by my side, I wonder about his love for me, his acceptance of my new identity, but when he appears I am always breathless. He made his way toward me and kissed me before we even exchanged words.

Hugo caught the mood and left, possibly to talk to Diane, but honestly, I didn’t care at this point. My husband was there…

“How was the evening at the restaurant?”, I asked him, seeing he was a little exhausted.

“Bah, Luke and Jerry were slacking off and we had a ton of screw ups with the waiters”. Luke and Jerry are his sous-chefs and while they are rather good during the off-hours, when it’s time to prepare the sauces, the soups, clean the kitchen, they are both awful during the stress periods.

My husband likes to say they are both slackers, but that’s not quite the truth: Luke makes mistakes when stressed. A lot. Jerry on the other hand, loses concentration.

But then again, I kind of liked the way my husband saw things in black or white. It certainly made for interesting BDSM sessions 😉

We talked a little, but honestly, talking isn’t our strong suit or rather, it’s not my husband’s strongest ability.

So, soon enough, we were on one of the stages: the one with the wooden horse and I was tied.

In the past, I was first stripped naked, but since I began transitioning, my husband would simply lift my skirt or the bottom of my dress up over my body, remove my panties and expose my shaved legs and bottom, including my dick encased its chastity cage.

The black lotus dungeon has a lot of instruments it either bought, or were donated by the patrons.

One of  those objects is a paddle which my husband and I donated, a replica of my favorite one at home. Donating it was a brilliant move: not only did it help others get started, but it also meant we didn’t have to carry ours during our play evenings.

In fact, my husband and I donated perhaps a third of the dungeon’s collection and in exchange, he can come directly from his work place without needing me to carry anything with me.

Sometimes, I found it a little sad, but my master likes his routines. We tend to stick to two or three routines which we like a lot and polish them until we have reached what he considered to be perfection.

I used to feel that way too, but now, I think I was beginning to feel like our life was a little too rigid.

Seeing the tools he had selected and the way he had tied me, I knew exactly what to expect, from the number of hits from the paddle to the time my legs would be flogged finishing with the sodomy I would receive once my better half would have reached maximum excitement.

I wasn’t wrong. He hit me one more time than the usual 14 hits because he felt that he missed one of the hits, but the pain was consistent to the usual padding. The flogging was slightly longer than usual and he decided to vary by flogging my very red ass a few times to increase my level pain.

He knew full well that the more I was hurting before sex, the more submissive I would feel and the more swing it would be between the pain and the pleasure, helping me reach higher orgasms.

But tonight, I wasn’t feeling submissive. Hugo had planted a seed of doubt in my mind, so much, that my penis didn’t even try to get erect until I felt my husband’s cock deep inside of me.

That felt as good as ever, I must admit, but my mind wasn’t fully there.

I guess we needed to have a long talk…

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