Pets Chapter 12(Ellie): A new beginning

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I felt emotions I had never felt before. The night so far had been exquisite. Richard had both been the perfect gentleman and the most incredible kisser of my life.

Most of the guys I dated were selfish. Their kiss were mostly aggressive. It’s has if they were trying to steal something from you. Richard’s kisses on the other hand, were generous. They felt like he was trying to give me energy and love. They felt as if he was baring his soul.

And eating on the floor ! God, what was that ? All my life, the only thing regarding eating my parents wanted me to understand was how to eat well. How to cut your food into perfectly sized bits using the proper utensils without spilling anything.

Eating in a bowl was raw, messy, primitive. Every bite felt so barbaric, so uncivilised. I know I repeat myself a lot, but it felt liberating. I had the impression that in the last 24 hours, all I have been doing is unlearn my good manners and live free of all those absurd rules which my parent care about.

Maybe I was naive. Perhaps all of my feelings were simply because I had been lonely. It’s easier to abuse a broken hearted girl than a happy one.

But was this abuse ? Amber was certainly happy with her choices, and the little attempts I made certainly made me feel better then the few times I got closer to a guy in the past.

With Richard, I was eager for more. I knew that even if I let him take me tonight, tomorrow, he would still be there because there was so much more to explore.

With sex, you had a lot of positions, but they were basically variations on the same theme. Such, there was oral, vaginal and anal sex, but even if we did all of them, the sensation of a new beginning was gone.

With this new lifestyle, every day could be different. Every moment a new adventure. The possibilities were boundless.

Richard was still being patient with me, but I could feel his heart racing. Like any new beginning, he was worried I would reject him, but in this particular case, I was sure he was worried he would freak me out.

I didn’t want to lose him, even if I barely knew him. After all, it’s not like I knew a lot of people. Even my own parents were mysteries to me.

“I want to be your slave and your girlfriend Richard. Starting now, I want to be yours, like Amber is yours, but more. I want us to be in love.”

Woah. Did that come out of my mouth ? It sure was how I felt, but I had never been so honest before.

“I want to be your boyfriend and your master. I really feel like I love you. You are so beautiful and appealing to me. I just can’t stop thinking about you. What do you want to do next ?”

“Whatever you want”

“Did you have time to think about your limits ?”

“I think Amber’s limit are fine with me. But you don’t need to keep me mute. Just keep me naked. And I don’t have a ban on sex. I want to have sex with you”

“What about Amber ?”

“For now, that’s up to you. She’s a part of your life. I want to be a part of it, not replace her. As for what I do with her, take it slow but I don’t have any objections for now”

“What do you want to do for now ?”

“Can we try a little of everything ? Perhaps a repetition of what you did with Candy last night, so I am in known territory, but a little more gentler”

“So, I start with the rope ?”

I blushed. The one thing on my mind was that pony tail. I had tried anal sex in the past and didn’t found it particularly enjoyable. This however, couldn’t leave my mind.

“I was thinking of starting earlier”

“Earlier.. Oh… I get it. Stand up.”

He went to the bedroom and retrieved the pony play gear Candy had used. After checking the hoofed boots, he realized my feet were slightly bigger than Candy, so he shoved them aside. He started with the mittens, but the next part was exactly what I had been longing for.

“I disinfect and clean it after every use. Don’t worry about that. I will put some KY on it, to help.”

He spread a little KY on my rectum too, and gently pushed the butt plug in. It was very different from my previous experiences. My rectum was gently pushed open until the end of the plug was reached and it was able to close on the small ring between the plug and the tail holder.

It wasn’t uncomfortable, but I don’t think it was possible to forget it was there. I could feel Candy’s hair on the back of my legs. Reminding me that she gave up some of her hair to have a tail I was now wearing.

Silently, I was evaluating if I was ready to start donating some of my hair for the same purpose, but my thoughts were interrupted when Richard asked me to open my mouth so he could install the pony bit.

At first, I bit hard against the gag, but slowly, my jaw relaxed. I couldn’t control the saliva dripping from my chin, which was slowly leaving a slimy trail on my torso.

Richard put a collard around my neck, and tied a leash, gently pulling me forward. I decided to raise my knees as high as I could, like Candy had done the previous day.

I felt weird. My butt was plugged. My mouth was gagged. I was pulled on a leash and I had lost the usage on my hands due to the locked leather mittens.

I don’t believe I had even felt more humiliated and degraded in my life. Yet, my chin wasn’t the only part of my body which was dripping wet. I couldn’t even begin to imagine any moment in my life which had been more intense emotionally.

After a few minutes, Richard removed the bit and asked me how I felt. “Great” is the only word that escaped my mouth at first, but as he was removing my mittens, I added “Great, Master”.

When he went to remove the butt plug, I gently pushed his hand aside. Wearing it was making me feel owned. Cared for. He replied that for my safety, he still had to remove it.

All of this didn’t make any sense, yet, it seemed to make total sense at the same time. As if being submissive and letting someone else take care of you was encoded into our genes. Perhaps, I wondered, if a child was well taken of, this desire faded, but I don’t believe my parents ever really took care of me.

I noticed he removed the leash, but not the collar. I remembered he had done the same for Candy the day before, but I had not understood it’s signification. Perhaps it was a sign of submission. I’ll need to ask him about it.

Richard made me stand still as he wrapped a rope around the back of my neck, and passed it between my juicy legs. Slowly, he almost crocheted the rope around my body, wrapping me above and below my breasts, then over my navel and finally, two more times around the legs.

It wasn’t the same position as Candy, but I was definitely unable to move.

In any case, it was certainly exciting.

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