Pets Chapter 15(Ellie): Rude Morning

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I woke up naked, with a leather collar around my neck, on top of a bed with a man sleeping under the covers, and another naked woman in the foetal position, sleeping near the foot of the bed.

It took me a few seconds to recall the previous evening of lust and passion, which rapidly made me check if my buttocks were still red.

As soon as I confirmed no traces of the previous night remained on my body, I silently walked toward the bathroom to empty my bladder and put my hair in order.

At first, I wanted to remove the collard, but I decided to keep it. Perhaps it was not my role to decide. Richard’s toolbox was still on the floor of the living room, but I decided I shouldn’t take a peek unless I was explicitly allowed to.

When I realized that neither of them were waking up, I ashamedly first tried the pony girl high step, then tried walking on all fours, like Candy had done the previous evening.

The pony girl walk wasn’t too bad, but walking on all four really caused the world to appear in a new dimension. First of all, looking forward puts a strain on the neck, encouraging one self to look at the floor instead.

I could understand how basically crawling on the floor could make you feel submissive.

As I was trying to increase my speed, I saw Amber close the bedroom door behind her, still naked.

When she came back from the bathroom, we sat down on the couch, where she asked me what I thought about last night.

I tried to reassure her that I did like being tied up and that the sadomasochism session wasn’t that bad, but I got the distinct impression that I wasn’t answering her question.

“I meant, about when I joined Richard and you”

Oh. That. Yeah, when I was in the mood, I didn’t think twice about her involvement. It felt nice, really nice, so I allowed it. Does this make me bisexual ? I didn’t know yet, but I certainly didn’t want last night to be our last experiment.

“I like it that you joined us. The last thing I want is to drive a wedge between Richard and you. From what I am seeing, I could very well become his girlfriend and his submissive. I don’t see how that pushes you out as long as he doesn’t have sex with you without my knowledge.”

“Do you find me attractive ?”

Do I find her attractive ? I never even asked me the question of what I found attractive in a woman, since I always thought I was strictly heterosexual.

“I guess so. I never really thought about it. What about you ?”

“Ever since I first saw you, I have been madly in love with you. There, I said it. I wanted to say it yesterday, but I managed to say it now. You are the girl of my dreams. Kissing you yesterday was the most magical moment of my life”

I must admit she scared me a little, but I don’t know if I will ever be able to return her affection, but I was certainly touched. In the span of only a few days, it appears I made myself a boyfriend, and possibly a girlfriend. What was I turning into!

I saw her eyes becoming worried over my lack of a reply, so I hugged her.

“I was just thinking if I could ever fall in love with a woman”, I simply added.

“And ?”

“I don’t think I could ever have a girlfriend. But I can’t really rule out at this point having a boyfriend AND a girlfriend at the same time”.

She immediately hugged me, and once we separated, she looked relieved.

We heard Richard talking in front of us, startling us. “I am happy to see that you both get along. I really like last night, and I would love to take it further, but in less than an hour and a half, Amber needs to get to class. Candy, you were supposed to sleep in your cage last night, so why don’t you wait the next 30 minutes in it while I have a private talk with Ellie ?”

“Yes master”. A few seconds later, she closed the bedroom door behind her and I was left alone with the man I hoped to call my boyfriend, and my master, for a long time.

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