POV Chapter 5: Michael, Arrangements

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A few weeks after the funeral, Kelly and I were both officially sitting on the board of most of our mother’s business empire. Sure, in a few cases, we didn’t control enough shares to both be on the board, letting Kelly to have the honor, but otherwise, things went smoothly.

Our mother was loved because she was ruthless with her enemies, fearless with the competition, fair with her employees, and loving with her friends and associates.

Anyone willing to work with her would be accepted into her business family. Anyone standing in her way would be crushed.

Some of her former partners resisted to her kids taking over, but Kelly, assisted by me, showed she wasn’t a kid anymore and used mom’s old techniques to keep the empire in line.

What Kelly lacked by the independence of thought to see the opportunities but I had been running my business alone for so long that I helped her.

We even increased the value of many of the companies by showing a new vigour and new ideas to increase productivity.

Kelly quickly managed to get mom’s salary and then some more revenues because our mom already made enough in her mind while Kelly had a new expense: she had to buy me back.

Kelly owed me over 5 million dollars in shares. I decided to help her out by keeping roughly half of them and just giving her the right to their votes. That meant I would be able to sell them to her at a later date.

Our arrangement was simple, Kelly would give me 10,000$ per month to buy the other half, increasing the payments by 5% per year. In exchange, she would get for that amount my own shares. If the value of my pot increased by 5% per year, it would take her 20 years to buy all of them, while I would get not only at least 120,000$ per year, but also the dividends on the unsold shares and the other half I was not selling.

Considering my development services usually paid less than that, I had just doubled my salary, and I still had 4 million in the bank.

Over the next few weeks, I finished all my outstanding contracts and found a nice fresh out of college developer whom I hired to perform future support for MKTWO. He was eager to learn with promised he would find new clients. I didn’t care that much but perhaps he’ll make enough money to keep the company alive while I am on my mission.

You see, with that kind of money, I decided it was time to stop waiting. I located the mansion which was no easy task but thanks to public satellite information, it was much easier than in the past.

It was rather remote, but I found a small country house for sale half a kilometer away from the mansion. Within weeks, I had moved to Germany and was taking daily walks in front of the huge mansion now hosting the woman of my life. I just made sure to never walk too close to the security cameras.

At the same time, I began contacting them to inquire about their services. To get Lindsey out, I needed to know as much as I could about them.

Becoming a member was simply a matter of a background check and a deposit of a few hundred thousand dollars. I suspected that the deposit was proportional to the value of the client but didn’t say anything.

I asked about the rules and fees and got a nice list of activities and “base costs” which were multiplied by the girl’s factor. Some girls were more expensive, others were cheaper.

I sadly couldn’t get a catalog of girls, for that, I needed to book an appointment and visit the mansion until I found a girl I liked.

Each visit had a hefty price tag depending on the day and the duration and everything done on location also had a fee: eating, talking to a girl, taking a drink, etc…

Fortunately, money was not an issue, provided I could find her fast.

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