Sylvana Chapter 4: Exploring

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This entry is part 4 of 16 in the series Sylvana

I woke up still in bed with my one night lover, knowing my minutes to be counted. I only had a little time to act, and didn’t plan on being thrown away with the morning trash.

I slowly and gently left the bed, to wander off in the ark that housed us for the night. It was still dark behind the curtain isolating us from the rest of the massive floating house, but the rest of the ship had small fluorescent lights embedded in the walls, providing enough lights to wander off.

The first deck appeared rather desolated, and at first, I didn’t think there was a way down even thought I knew the boat to continue for what I estimated to be 2 additional floors below me.

Still as naked as the day I was born I was surprisingly comfortable, with the temperature clearly high enough to prevent being chilled.

The floor was also surprisingly soft on my soles, even thought it looked made of rough wood. It must have been sanded several times before being tinted to look natural.

A small toilet was in the corner, but I decided to resist using it for the moment: I wanted to avoid making any noises.

I quickly measured in my mind the size of the deck, to realize a good 10 feet were missing, most likely opposite to the bed chamber. I searched the wall, and discovered a hidden door which I easily pushed open in silence.

I waited a little, and seeing my nymph was still sound asleep, I entered the room slowly closing the door behind me, after making sure this one couldn’t lock on me.

I opened a desk light to discover a kind of office with a staircase at the back and a laptop computer opened on its screensaver sitting on a small desk.

After hitting a key, I discovered a view of multiple cameras layered around the boat, the anti-chamber, this office and even the bedroom. I could see Sylvana asleep as clearly as in daylight, even thought I could barely see in front of me when I was in the room with her. The laptop was connected using a wireless connection and had an Internet link so I quickly noted the various security settings for its network and firewall, including the wireless network’s encryption key and e-mail them up to my personal web mail system.

I then panicked when I remembered her two bodyguards, realizing they were possibly seeing me on their screen just as I was seeing myself. I quickly scanned the various cameras, including many that were hidden from the primary display, only to find both of them sound asleep in two almost identical rooms somewhere else in the building, outside of the ark.

I could see over 300 cameras, spread across several rooms, but oddly enough, didn’t see another computer or monitor screen. It left me wondering if the goons even knew about the presence of these tiny spies.

I had tried to locate the camera supervising me, and couldn’t detect its presence in the wall despite being able to know exactly where it was thanks to the live feed: it was probably well hidden in the wall itself.

I decided, while still keeping the camera pointed on the bed always in view, to explore the files on her laptop. I discovered an archive of pictures and videos of her conquests. To my surprise, she really was the queen of the night, for almost every week-end night for the past 2 years she had received a lover, roughly alternating between the genders. I managed to get access to the full version, with 15 different cameras of my exploits of the night, but in the other cases, it seemed to be a “best-of” montage for each of the guests. Sylvana must, during the day, prepare her videos.

I tried to locate a hint of some sort of where the building might be, but couldn’t. Even her Internet IP address was rather generic, rather than being of a well known building router such as an internet café a few floors below. I couldn’t even locate another wireless network which could provide me with at least an area of the city.

I thus decided to explore a little. I had seen from the cameras that the lower decks of the ship, accessible via the staircase at the end of the office, contained what a normal apartment had: a living room, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen. Only two doors, on the lowest deck didn’t reveal their secrets.

I quickly ran down the two flights of stairs, to discover that one of the two doors, the one leading to the back section of the ship, was simply a storage room with various dried or canned food, as well as a few freezers. That section didn’t have any cameras in it.

However, opening the other door, near the side of the ship, almost gave me a heart attack. The door, fully underwater, opened to the exterior of the ship. At first, I thought the water would have submerged the lower decks, but rapidly discovered that a tunnel made of clear semi-rigid plastic extended from the ship to the walls of the room, at the opposite of the wall from which I entered.

The tunnel was rather small, and one had to crawl on all fours to go from one end to the other, where a small half-hidden door was cut in the wall. In front of it, it was easy to see, but from the top of the boat, the water above it made it impossible to spot it. In fact, even the tunnel must have been well hidden, partly thanks to the reflection of the ceiling lights on the surface, for I never saw it earlier.

After I opened the door, I discovered another anti-chamber, this one containing Sylvana’s clothes from the evening. I preferred not to touch anything and headed back to the hidden office on the ark.

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