Olivia Chapter 4: Settling in

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This entry is part 4 of 15 in the series Olivia

I woke up before Patrick and promptly left the master bedroom, still naked.

I knew I could wear clothes, but I didn’t know where to get them and preferred to simply wander to one of the common bathrooms to empty my bladder.

I took the opportunity to scout the house a little as I was still the only person awake. There were plenty of pictures of Patrick and Emily, including a few from their wedding.

There were a few newspaper clippings laminate for various awards that Patrick had received for his engineering works, notably on the construction of a new bridge his company designed.

Everything about the house screamed money, from the brand new oven to the hi tech television in the living room. Several of the rooms even had paintings which were clearly investments for a rainy day.

I took a glass of milk from the fridge and sat at the kitchen table, musing on my luck when Patrick joined me, already fully dressed for work.

“Hello Olivia. We don’t have clothes to fit you yet, but you can ask Emily to take you shopping today. You can spend up to a thousand dollars on a new wardrobe, but in addition to that budget, get yourself a very sexy evening dress. A black one with a lot of cleavage. Ideally, one which doesn’t need a bra.”

“Thank you master”

“Olivia, remember, never refer to me that way. You are my wife for all intends and purposes. ”

“Right, sorry honey. What do I do with Emily ?”

“As soon as I leave for work in the morning, unlock her door and let her clean herself up. Then, she’ll cook your breakfast and prepare your clothes. Once you are ready, do what you want to humiliate her. Spank her, pee on her, call her names, make her eat you or simply use her as a foot rest while watching tv. Remind her you bought her cheap at the auction because no one wanted her, or, I know, better yet, tell her she used to be my wife but she was so worthless I preferred to marry you and treat her as an object. Imagine what’s the worst we could do to you and do it to her. That’s what she wants. However, if you leave the house, she becomes your mistress, such as when you will go shopping. It’s only in the house that she is your slave. Is that clear ?”

“Yes love… Don’t worry”, I said kissing him passionately on the mouth, ” I’ll get sexy clothes for you to admire me in.”

“One last thing, if you need to ask her something out of your roles, shake her left hand. As long as you hold each other’s hand, you can talk to her as if she was your owner.”

“Thank you. Are you leaving for work already ? No time for a quickie ?”

“Sorry, there’s too much traffic. I even eat breakfast at work. ”

He did grab my ass and I dared going outside to wave him goodbye despite being nude.

I ran upstairs to unlock Emily’s door. I hesitated a few moments to think of what I would say and once I felt confident enough, I opened the door.

She was already kneeling on the floor with her hands behind her back, her chin almost touching her torso.

She welcomed me in an almost monotonous voice: “Good morning mistress. I am ready to serve you”.

“Hello slave. Did you enjoy sleeping alone ? I had a great night sleeping with your husband. He told me how much he loved me and how much he learned to pity you. He told me to have you bring me to the store to buy 1000$ of clothes from your own money and a sexy dress. Lucky you, you’ll get to pretend to be my mistress in the outside world, but you and I both know the truth, don’t we ?”

“Yes mistress”

“And what is that truth ?”

“That I am a worthless mistress”

“Your days as a wife are over, but perhaps there is hope for you as a slave. Now clean yourself up and cook me breakfast.”

“Yes mistress”.

Once she was up, I offered my left hand, to see if she had comments for me, but when she took it, she just said : “You are doing great Olivia. I’m all wet…”

Breakfast went by rather quickly even thought I made sure to spill a lot of milk on the table, forcing Emilie to clean all of it using her tongue.

I even spill half a glass of juice on my body but I didn’t need to ask her to lick me clean, she already knew what she had to do.

After breakfast, Emilie and I went to the master bedroom where I asked her to perform oral sex on me, but I decided to spend the whole moment whining and bitching to Emilie that she was doing wrong, before asking her to lay on the bed for a long spanking session.

I made her count the strokes, asking her to tell me between each stoke why she wasn’t Patrick’s wife anymore.

“One, because I couldn’t please him sexually”
“Two, because you are so much sexier than I am”
“Three, because I am a worthless cunt”
“Four, because I don’t deserve to be fucked”
“Five, because I am ugly”
“Six, because you are better than me”
“Seven, because I ruin everything”
“Eight, because I deserve it”
“Nine, because I am crazy”
At that point, I noticed she had tears running down her cheeks. I didn’t know what to do, but when she whispered “go on”, I hesitantly continued
“Ten, because I love it”

I stopped there. Not only my hand was getting tired, but I thought it was enough. 24 hours ago, I was reluctantly accepting to become a sex slave and now I was the one abusing my mistress.

I asked her to get dressed for going shopping and to find me some clothes for the trip.

She managed to get me a pair of jeans which fitted oddly, but fitted nonetheless, and a blouse which was a little too big for me, but was decent enough for shopping.

She didn’t have a bra my size, but at least I had panties.

As soon as we were in the car, Emily changed role and addressed me as an equal.

“That was amazing Olivia. You are exactly the girl my husband and I were looking for”

“You like that ?”

“I love it”

“Aren’t you afraid your husband will fall in love with me and desert you ? Leaving you as a slave for the rest of your life ?”

“I don’t think so. I am not that lucky”

Ok. Rich people. I guess they are all a little crazy. We stayed silent for the rest of the ride and I quickly discovered that 1000$ went a long way to get me clothes.

I got lingerie, plain clothes, swim suits of various styles and even a business suit. I even got a few pairs of pyjama despite the impression Patrick would prefer me to sleep naked.

The dress was harder to shop for and it took us more time to find it than it took to buy the rest of the clothes.

Still, we were home before Patrick, giving me time to relax in the bath while Emily cleaned me.

Overall, not a bad first day between girls.

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