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This serial initially named Sandra and launched on this site as Alex in the fall of 2014 was initially written in 2002. It was my first erotic story written on a computer (Susanna, my first story was previously written mostly on my Palm Pilot using an external keyboard).

I managed to write a little over 1600 words when I realized that my little planning wasn’t enough to build the story. Susanna was slowly typed on an awkward keyboard on a very slow device which left me plenty of time to plan the story.

Sandra’s story still pretty much haunted me, as I wondered how I could fix it.

It tells the story of a painter who lives in New York in a big apartment with her boyfriend who is a shipping broker for major corporations. Suddenly however, she finds herself on the run as her boyfriend isn’t who he seems to be and she arrives to hide in a randomly selected closed compound run by a cult where nudity is mandatory from where she will plan a way to get her life back while slowly getting used to the cult in question.

Does that make you think of something? It’s also pretty much the plot of Harmony as the current version of Harmony was actually modeled on Sandra.

In a way, Harmony was Sandra with better planning and with a bigger scope.

But this second version of Harmony added to Sandra the arc and story line from the first version creating an hybrid I rather like.

You see, when I launched this site, I thought I had lost the original Sandra document (well, I still had it but it was corrupted) and I decided to more or less recycle the story as part of Harmony.

The parts where all women need to be naked and polygamy is the norm? That’s from Sandra. The parts where Harmony organizes the planet and tries to buy its independence? That’s from the original Harmony.

But there were a few elements from Sandra that I didn’t put into Harmony, such as ritual sex and the religious cult angle, and even thought I later tried to put them in Lizzie, it’s not what I had in mind when I planned Sandra.

I even recycled one of the original ideas for Sandra into Lindsey, once again, better made (the naked “slaves” for rich clients) so it might not find its way into Sandra this time, even if Lindsey is currently on hiatus because Cathy surpassed it (and later went on hiatus).

And so, I recently decided to try to recreate Sandra (since then renamed Alex) and after the new planning was done, I discovered to my surprise that the new version of Office 2013 was able to actually repair the damage done to the original file.

The writing was nowhere as interesting as I thought, and in my memory, the story was a lot more developed than a mere 1600 words but it was still a great find which was able to improve my new planning. It was certainly an insight to rediscover this lost document from early days of writing erotica.

Only the first 3 chapters of Alex will contain words from the original story and those 3 chapters will also contain perhaps 30%-70% additional content to fill in some gaps and inconsistencies in the story.

Why was the character renamed from Sandra to Alex? That’s simple, when I decided to bring back the story, I didn’t have access to her name and I prefer Alex to Sandra 😉

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