Susanna Chapter 38: Taking a bath

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I heard him yell once the door was opened: he understood what was happening. He was screaming for the person who was robbing him.

“I locked the door behind me. I just cut the wires of the lift and I am now exploring the apartment. There is no other exit. Surrender and you will not die. I will even offer you more money you can think of in exchange for the files. Everyone has a price. Name it.”

He was exploring the rooms while speaking. He was enumerating huge amounts of money: millions of dollars, billions, but I knew it was a bluff. In a way, when he ordered me to surrender, my slave mentality was begging me to obey, but I now belonged to Dorothy and Simon. I had to live. I heard him check the 3 corridors I had just discovered, so it was a good thing I didn’t hide there.

When he visited the bathroom, my heart stopped for a few seconds… Will he look at the bath? But he didn’t. He kept visiting. I was truly trapped. The only exit was his front door, and I didn’t have the key.

But he came back. And the bath door locked.

“I know where you are. I left the bath door opened this morning.”

The water started to fill the bath. Both hot and cold water were filling it, fortunately keeping it at a decent temperature: I would not boil nor freeze.

“The bath is sealed, and will fill completely: You will drown. You can still beg for you life, but your prayers will be left unanswered. See you in hell, Bastard. I’ll get back this afternoon to take out your corpse.”

I heard the bathroom door close, leaving me alone.

The water was slowly rising. But not slowly enough. The bath would be full in about 10 to 15 minutes, and the timer was probably set on the maximum of 30 minutes. I only had to gain 15 to 20 minutes and the door would open. I tried to open the drain, in order to evacuate some water, but it was locked tights. I used two fingers to stop the water coming from two of the holes, but the pressure was stronger on the remaining two. I tried to use my feet to close the other two, but to no success. Water kept pouring in. If I would have kept the keys, maybe I could have had a lever or at least something to break the mirrors.

I had an idea: It was dangerous, but could work: If I managed to break the underwater light, a short circuit might stop the motors and release the door. Of course, I might get electrocuted in the process, but it was worth the risk. I tried to hit as strongly as I could on the glass, but it wouldn’t yield. The water slowed my movement too much. A simple screwdriver would have save me, but again, I was totally hopeless.

I now had to swim to stay out of the water. I would have to bend my neck more and more in the next few seconds until I eventually run out of air and die.

Unless I can think of something…

Why I am that stupid? Hiding in the bath… at least, jumping from the balcony would have broken my legs, and possibly more, but Simon would have brought me to the hospital. Or if I fought him, I would be bruised badly, but maybe I would have been able to hit him with a chair or something and steal the keys… Something. Maybe he wouldn’t even had hurt me, his previous Felicia.

Can’t breathe, must have air, everything is black. I am losing conscience…

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