Suzy and Jill Chapter 30: Monday Morning Blues

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My night had been filled with dreams of Suzy spanking Jill thanks to Jill’s last minute confessions. I still didn’t know what my thoughts on the subjects were, but filming those scenes would make for some interesting play.

Mondays are always a little rushed because my kids have to return to school after two days of slacking at home. Snacks have to be prepared and because of the school district’s “eat well, get well” program only healthy snacks are allowed.

For my daughter, the range of food she can eat is actually quite large, allowing her to eat a muffin, a nut-free granola bar, cheese and fruits, but my son’s teacher is tired of kids making a mess with muffin crumbs and banned any grain based snacks.

In a perfect world, I would let each kid choose amongst their preferences of what is allowed, but my son loves to eat muffins (he often wants them for all three meals of the day), so in effect, to prevent sibling rivalry, my daughter has the same restrictions as my son and often, the same snack.

This week, we bought watermelon for both so every morning, I need to cut two slices and make little cubes in just the perfect size they each prefer.

My son prefers big cubes because he is a fast eater, but my daughter prefers smaller ones which make less of a mess. However, if I had not found a seedless watermelon, then my son would have taken really small cube so he can remove the seeds before eating them.

To make matters worse, my kids are utterly convinced that I am the only adult in the entire world capable to properly cut a watermelon, preventing me to delegate the task.

Monday morning traffic is also quite worse than any other mornings for a reason I never quite understood. Are usual early risers simply late on Mondays because of the week-end?

Still, we finally made it to the office in a surprisingly silent drive with Jill. She looked preoccupied and even thought I didn’t provoke her speech during the commute, I wouldn’t let it slide.

We caught up on the week-end e-mails and quickly enough I sat by her side and asked her: “What’s bothering you, sugar?”

“I guess I am just a little melancholic”, she replied, avoiding eye contact.

“Does you melancholy have anything to do with your admission of a desire to explore BDSM?”

“Maybe. I mean, it’s not like I obsess about it or even have real fantasies. Perhaps it’s just a curiosity. My ex had friends deep into it, like, living it 24/7 and it rather turned me off. This girl we knew was completely submissive to her boyfriend. She called him her owner and all and he liked to carry her with a leach and make her do stuff to the single guys in the gang. It usually turned me off but sometimes, just sometimes, they would do something which would inspire me and make me quite interested. The way they lived it was rather extreme, but perhaps, from time to time, we could play a little with it.”

“Like the time you were spanked…”

Jill actually blushed a little.

“Yeah. I really liked it”, she was barely able to say.

“I caught that. I noticed you enjoyed it… a lot, but I didn’t press then. Maybe I should have. Do you have specific ideas in mind we should try?”

“Wait, I am not necessarily okay with it. Just because I have interests doesn’t mean I am ready to play with them”

Somehow, I doubt that was the issue…

“Does it scare you a little?”

She locked her eyes into mine for the first time since we woke up.


I held her in my arms and gently stroke her hair.

“Don’t worry, you won’t turn into that girl. Suzy and I won’t threat you like that. It’s just going to be for fun, from time to time.”

She stayed silent for a few minutes in my arms, so I let her break the silence.

“That’s not what I am afraid of”

“What is it then?”

“That perhaps, I’ll want to be like her. That I’ll want to lose myself in it”

“Jill, you are one of the most independent women I ever met. You are strong, and you are not alone. You have two persons in your life who love you a lot and care for you. We’ll be there for you. I swear and Suzy would say the same if she was here.”

“Thank you. I love you both very much too. I don’t know how I can be so lucky to have you.”

“And we are lucky to have you…”

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