Suzy and Jill Chapter 33: Second Scene

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And so, in front of the camera, Suzy and I had the more boring sexual relation of our life, except perhaps for the excitement that Jill was watching us, filming.

When I was done, I collapsed on the bed next to my wife, looking as happy as I could while Suzy just stayed there looking bored.

After a few seconds of filming, Jill simply yelled: “cut!” and ordered them not to move.

“Ok, that was goot folks! Change of plan, we will switch over to scene 26, so Linda, make sure to keep all of my moist sperm inside of you. Mike, you will slowly move and get on the other side of the actress.”

I asked her why. “Because, you chimp, after the reunion with your wife, you now sleep on the other set of the bed.”

“But I don’t?”

“Hey, it’s in the script. Follow the program, will you?”

“Ok, ok…”

“So, this scene, the other girl, the beautiful and sexy Audrey, is the couple’s girlfriend. She just come home from her work as a stripper and she caught her boyfriend fucking his wife. You are both happy to meet her, but are too exhausted for sex. Whatever happens folks, stay in character…”

I asked, lost at what scene this was. “I thought your character was my receptionist at work?”

Suzy replied: “Well, we decided that it was a part time job, that Audrey would also work part time as a stripper, so make her sound more exciting as a character”.

Jill played with the camera, the little red light turned on and opened the scene.

“Oh, that’s sad, I barely missed the action… sorry I was late, this customer paid extra for lap dances!”

I decide to play around, “Well, I’ll be ready for round two in a few minutes…”

“We’ll see. Let’s finish round one first…”

Suzy did a very sexy strip tease between the camera and the bed, making sure to turn often so that both Suzy and I could see her, and so that the camera would catch her.

Once naked, she began performing oral sex on Suzy while I watched and caressed her hair.

Just as Suzy was starting to enjoy it, Jill stopped and kissed me, while holding my neck to make sure I wouldn’t break her kiss…

I was excited until I realized that she was pushing into my mouth all of the sperm she had retrieved from Suzy’s vagina!

I coughed on it, being the first time I had ever tastes sperm, and Jill took and authoritative tone: “No Mike, you will swallow… you’ve made us taste your seed, now, it’s time you taste yours…”

So I followed what she was saying, and just swallowed. I can’t say I liked it. I guess this will make me less want to ask them to swallow after oral sex or at least, it will make me appreciate it even more.

Once our kiss was over, Jill resumed her oral sex on Suzy. My wife was slowly getting hornier and hornier, and I got closer to kiss her, but instead, she replied`”Stay on your side little worm. The adults are playing”.

Without interrupting her cunnilungus, Jill raised her right arm and Suzy high-fived her.

After a few minutes, Suzy began masturbating to help Suzy and soon enough, it was her time to collapse on the bed, with Jill spooning her.

Suzy spoke after she regained her breath. “Aren’t you forgetting something little worm?”

“What?” I replied.

Jill replied: “You sleep on the floor…”

And so, I left the bed, and laid on the floor, by the side of the bed. As soon as I was settled on the cold hard floor, One of the girls, probably Jill, throw me my pillow from the bed.

Once I was installed properly, Jill just yelled “Cut”, and jumped to the camera. “Yes! You are in the frame!”

Suzy asked her: “So we got everything?”

Jill: “Yes, we did! I can’t believe it, it worked wonderfully. Good idea!”

I was surprised: “It was YOUR Idea Suzy?”

“Yeah, well, I didn’t know when Jill would choose to film it, but the cream pie, the kiss, the sleeping on the floor. I wrote that one”

Jill added: “Yeah, your wife is very creative… and a lot tamer than I was”


Suzy and Jill laughed together.

“You are in for a world of pain… well, on camera at least!”

Oh boy…



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