Sue Chapter 17: Alpha male

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AnnieĀ and I took a shower together, during which there was some interesting foreplay.

It was clear to me that sexually speaking, Annie was rather interesting. She visibly enjoyed sex and even if I had reservations about dating a girl like her, she could make an excellent fuck buddy.

Not long after her departure, Sue dropped by to inquire about my reaction. It was made perfectly clear by Sue that Annie had called her right as closed the door and had given her most of the sexual details.

Sue also made it clear is excited her to hear about our sexual encounter.

But I didn’t want to talk about, not yet…

I had a theory which was burning my mind and I needed to test it. If I was right, things could be much simpler.

“Can you tell me what you find exciting about me, having sex with Annie?”, I asked her, taking control of the situation.

Sue shifted in her non-verbal expression. Suddenly, she felt closed off, turned-off. I had perhaps, hit a nerve. I just hoped it wasn’t a bad one…

“I don’t know. Are you judging me? Why the question?”, she said, defensively.

“Well, I have a theory Sue. I think that by sharing your boyfriend with Annie, you telling yourself something. Something that is crucial for your well-being and security. I think it’s not purely a sexual fantasy. I think there is something you need from his arrangement.”

Sue stood up and became angry. I did hit a nerve, and it was making her react. If I was wrong, this could be the end of our relationship for I might have insulted her. But If I was right, I was hitting fear triggering from the upcoming facing of one of her denials.

“What are you implying exactly? I am not a slut ,you know”.

Good, she feels judgement from society and not from me. The Slut defense mechanism is strong, but not directly linked to my theory so at this point, I was still in the clear.

I took a soothing voice, but slowly transitioned to an authoritarian tone, to back my words.

“I think Sue, that you are only able to be in a relationship with an Alpha Male. I think you need someone strong to keep you from harm, to protect you, to secure you. And I think that you want to share your boyfriend with Annie, because deep down, you know that an Alpha Male wouldn’t settle for only one girl and as such, you try to decide which other girl your boyfriend will date to try and control your Alpha Male. Does that make any sense?”

She sat down, and brooded a few minutes, thinking it over.

I waited.

“Perhaps. I wouldn’t say it in those words, but it’s clear I want a strong powerful man. When I think of you with Annie, It shows me you are the man I want. You are strong enough for the both of us.”

“And you want to tame me, is that it?”, I said, very seriously.

“No, on the contrary! I want your savage passion. I want your strength, your power.”

She wasn’t looking at me. She was looking at her feet.

“Then unshackle me and you’ll get it.”

“What do you mean?”, she asked, with a trembling voice.

“Let me take control of my sexuality. Give me freedom. Let me date you how I want, when I want, and do the same with Annie. I think only then will you feel like I am the Alpha Male you want.”

“But.. won’t you end up spending more time with her? Guys generally prefer Annie to me…”

“Sue, I feel in love with you. I am dating you. You are my first priority…”

“Is it ok if I just agree to try it?”


Sue began to smile…



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