Emptying the Buffer

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My buffer is only useful when I am actively writing. I create an article, give it a title, a category, a publishing date and sometimes, even tags, but l leave it empty.

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Suzy and Jill Chapter 41: New direction

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This entry is part 41 of 39 in the series Suzy and Jill

Jill and I were left in our new office. Granted, we’d probably not work often from here, but it was yet another major milestone.

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Sue Chapter 17: Alpha male

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This entry is part 17 of 14 in the series Sue

AnnieĀ and I took a shower together, during which there was some interesting foreplay.

It was clear to me that sexually speaking, Annie was rather interesting. She visibly enjoyed sex and even if I had reservations about dating a girl like her, she could make an excellent fuck buddy.

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Not getting back on my feet

Filed: Blog @ 6:38am on October 3, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 84

I took a two week vacation to try and rebuild my buffer, but didn’t manage to write a single story during that period.

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