Lizzie Chapter 24: Party On

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When I came out of the shower, I found Stephanie sitting in the shower cabin, naked.

You see, these communal showers have 2 parts. There is a locked door with a small undressing area in front of the shower so you may store your belongings safely while you are showering with the curtain closed.

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Susanna Chapter 40: Epilogue

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At the hospital, I was well treated. They removed my stitches without even asking me about it. I even got to see my family, who learned about my heroism. Of course, I didn’t tell them much, and officially, Simon was my master and boyfriend, not Dorothy. But overall, I was well treated.

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Susanna Chapter 39: Escape

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“Wake up ! Breathe, Fight Susanna ! You can do it…”

I was slowly regaining conscience. Simon was yelling to wake me up while Mr. Grout was performing mouth to mouth resuscitation on me.

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Susanna Chapter 38: Taking a bath

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I heard him yell once the door was opened: he understood what was happening. He was screaming for the person who was robbing him.

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