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The Lamburger universe contains 8 of the stories on this website which may, in one way or another, have crossovers of some sort.

This page was created to help viewers keep track of those connections:

As already mentioned, the characters from Pets will, in their future, visit the pony girl stable where Cindy is located, but this isn’t written yet and won’t be for a while.

Aside from Cindy, this leaves 2 stories not yet connected:

  • There is a chapter of Harmony written last October which will connect it to one of the other series. Since Harmony occurs a few thousand years into the future, don’t expect an actual crossover
  • Lizzie also occurs into the future, 10 years into the future to be more precise, but a crossover is still planned in a few chapters and was planned since the first chapter of Lizzie was written

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