Site repaired and new chapters being posted

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This site was broken for a while without me realizing, and it is now repaired.

You can once again view my old chapters free of charge, but if what you want is new ones, I suggest you to over to where you can read a few of my serials (all on CMNF, but one is also about Chastity).

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Go to for new chapters!

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My last chapter on this site was from 2014, I know, 4 years ago, but 2 years ago, I created and began migrating 2 of the stories from this site (Pets and Harmony) with the goal of writing new chapters, but on only one subject: CMNF.

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New chapters and a new serial?

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My last chapter was published on October 8th 2014, and ironically, it was titled “New Direction”, a direction which was never explored..

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Emptying the Buffer

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My buffer is only useful when I am actively writing. I create an article, give it a title, a category, a publishing date and sometimes, even tags, but l leave it empty.

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Not getting back on my feet

Filed: Blog @ 6:38am on October 3, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 84

I took a two week vacation to try and rebuild my buffer, but didn’t manage to write a single story during that period.

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Taking a Buffer Buildup Vacation

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And so, my allergies are not giving me an easy time at all this year.

I am barely able to write, and I certainly am not able to sustain a buffer.

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Writing again

Filed: Blog @ 12:43pm on September 6, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 238

As I look at my archives, I seem to find a critical moment in writing my stories and that’s pretty much always September/October.

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Karen and Pat trade days.,..

Filed: Blog @ 5:44am on August 29, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 359

You might have noticed that Karen and Pat have switched place in the schedule on July 5th 2014, even if for the last 2 months or so (2 chapters of Pat and 4 of Karen), Karen was still published on a Tuesday and Pat was still published Mondays.

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The never ending cycle of writing serials...

Filed: Blog @ 6:04am on August 15, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 502

When it’s time for me to write new chapters, I check my buffer and find the holes in my schedule.

Yesterday, I still had two holes left to over all chapters until August 11th: Lizzie Chapters 29 and 30.

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I now have 300 chapters online!

Filed: Blog @ 5:19am on August 2, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 116

As of this moment, I have 300 chapters published on my site, for a total of 310,756 or an average of 1035 words per chapter.

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Finally a new chapter of Lucy!

Filed: Blog @ 6:33am on August 1, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 559

Lucy was my last “active” story which had not seen any chapter planned or published in 2014, and next Monday, a new one will be published.

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Sue is finally getting to its theme

Filed: Blog @ 7:29am on July 25, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 290

Last time we had a Sue chapter, last week with Chapter 12, we had Annie try to seduce our narrator into sleeping with her.

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First problems with writing

Filed: Blog @ 5:39am on July 11, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 286

Last week, I published a blog, written on May 27th, of how happy I was having a long buffer.

I then had stories published until July 4th, 23 chapters in advance, and felt great about my writing.

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The freedom of a buffer

Filed: Blog @ 5:07am on July 4, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 216

On this Independence day, I want to talk about freedom. In my case, about the freedom that having a buffer gives me.

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Suzy and Jill is now my longest story in number of words!

Filed: Blog @ 7:50pm on July 1, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 191

Recently, I wrote Suzy and Jill chapter 37, making it the third longest story in the number of chapters, with Susanna topping the list at 40, and Pets at 38 chapters.

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Pets moving to Thursdays

Filed: Blog @ 5:26am on June 27, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 236

Pets has always been on Wednesdays, eventually alternating with Lizzie.

When I redid the schedule in May 2014, I left Pets in Wednesday, but moved Suzy&Jill to Wednesdays because I wasn’t sure I would even continue Pets at all and Harmony was in full speed.

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I now have an editor!

Filed: Blog @ 6:46am on June 20, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 290

One of the major complaints from readers were the typos in my various stories.

Sure, the spell check in WordPress (and previously OneNote) helped me a lot, but not when I simply substituted a valid word for another by error.

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I was wrong about my writing

Filed: Blog @ 6:08am on June 13, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 440

And so, I was wrong about which stories I would continue!

I wrote new chapters for all of my active stories but Lucy, if I exclude the 3 I placed on hiatus (Cindy, Lindsey and Helen).

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My new writing technique

Filed: Blog @ 6:09am on June 6, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 285

Now, instead of writing in OneNote, like I used to do back in 2010, I am writing my stories directly in WordPress and often, publish for the future directly as I am creating the article for the first time.

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A five week buffer??? Indeed!

Filed: Blog @ 7:21am on May 19, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 118

For the first time in the history of this blog, there is a Five week buffer!

That’s a total of 23 chapters (now that this morning’s chapter is published), and 18,057 words.

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Read this first... what is this site?

Filed: Blog @ 1:11pm on May 17, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 235

This site contains mature (18 years old or more) stories serialized chapter by chapter and written by a single (currently anonymous) author (me), all of which contains erotic content ( or will at some point for newer serials).

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New schedule, new buffer...

Filed: Blog @ 5:57am on May 16, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 309

With the relaunch of the site in 2014, I am attempting to once again build a buffer by attempting to write more stories each week than I am publishing.

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1 week of Buffer!

Filed: Blog @ 7:47am on May 11, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 210

I didn’t think it would be possible, but I managed to already fill a full week of buffer of stories, in only what, 48 hours?

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Stories Status

Filed: Blog @ 2:59pm on May 7, 2014 One comment! :|   Word Count: 387

Now that I had plenty of time away from my stories, I want to update you on what I think about their future. Read More…

I am back...

Filed: Blog @ 2:42pm on May 7, 2014 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 95

Guess what? I went on hiatus in March of 2012 and stopped checking my emails. Soon after, I lost my domain name and a squatter bought it.

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So I guess I am back, sort of...

Filed: Blog @ 7:23am on February 17, 2012 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 298

In the 8 months between June 16th 2011 and February 15th 2012, I have only published 7 story chapters, many of which were the final chapters of Susanna were written back in 2001.

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The five last chapters of Susanna are programmed

Filed: Blog @ 3:45pm on October 18, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 263

Seeing as I am still blocked, I decided to program the last 5  chapters of Susanna, one per week, on Friday, as per the original schedule.

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So, it's been a year, what do I do now?

Filed: Blog @ 1:33pm on July 7, 2011 4 responses :)   Word Count: 678

I first put this site online on July 7th 2010, meaning that it’s been a year exactly today.

With me not posting any new story chapter since I became sick, it’s making me think of my future as a online writer of stories, some of which are erotic in nature.

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Taking a few sick-days

Filed: Blog @ 12:19pm on June 21, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 67

Hello loyal readers,

I am currently sick in bed with a sinusitis and a fever which Advils and Tylenols are having a hard time dealing with.

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A buffer is like a net

Filed: Blog @ 9:55am on June 10, 2011 One comment! :|   Word Count: 808

When an online writer who decides to publish daily chapters of his stories has a buffer, it’s kind of like a net for a circus performer.

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What an impossible week

Filed: Blog @ 6:17am on June 4, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 603

Sadly, I am only human and that means that my creative writing process can be easily disrupted.

It’s been 12 months in a row that I have been writing more or less every day, since I began writing Suzy and Jill in the end of May 2010, and 11 months since I began publishing articles online.

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Only 3000 words left for Susanna

Filed: Blog @ 5:50am on May 21, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 385

With yesterday’s chapter publication marks the last regular pre-written chapter of Susanna.

There are other chapters planned before those 3000 words are published, particularly about Simon’s redemption, and I will try to write them, but once the first of those final 3000 words will be online, it will be the beginning of the end for Susanna.

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Second phase of Olivia

Filed: Blog @ 6:03am on May 14, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 322

As you may have noticed, Olivia has now entered a new phase.

This was the plan since I wrote chapter 1 of her series with many of the characters you will meet planned before Olivia even got her own series.

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Losing the buffer race

Filed: Blog @ 11:12am on May 13, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 190

I try readers as much as I can these days, but I am apparently unable to build a buffer.

I do continue to write and I do have inspiration, work is simply spilling over my writing time. I didn’t miss any days yet and didn’t even need to write a story on the day of it’s publication, but the buffer never seems to grow.

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Why are the chapters posted in blocks?

Filed: Blog @ 6:12am on May 7, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 331

If you have noticed, there are whole weeks during which the buffer of scheduled chapter simply reduces without any new chapters published.

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So, do I write porn or not?

Filed: Blog @ 5:42am on April 30, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 603

That’s not a question that is that easy to answer.

Some of my chapters are rather steamy and explicit, looking like traditional erotic stories found on the Internet but to be honest, the majority of my chapters simply have absolutely no sexual content.

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Why it's hard to make a long serial

Filed: Blog @ 6:37am on April 23, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 431

I have discovered that there are multiple “plateau” when writing a serial of independent sexual encounters.

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So, Susanna won the race to Ch. 30

Filed: Blog @ 5:56am on April 16, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 652

This week marked the publication of the 30th chapter of Susanna. Read More…

An aborted story

Filed: Blog @ 6:14am on April 9, 2011 2 responses :)   Word Count: 243

As already mentioned in the past, Pets is about to enter a new era in their story. Read More…

Writing Olivia #8 was hard to write

Filed: Blog @ 6:54am on March 26, 2011 No comments yet! :(   Word Count: 330

It took me over 6 writing sessions in the span of 3 months to actually write the 8th Chapter of Olivia. Read More…

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