The Black Lotus Dungeon

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The Black Lotus Dungeon, which was first mentioned in Pets Chapter 31 was planned for another story, as mentioned in a blog from February 12, 2011.

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Olivia Chapter 15: First clients

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Olivia

My hair was quickly dyed to have the exact same color as the twins and as soon as it was done, the three of us were summoned to Steven’s office, and stood naked in front of him.

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Pets Chapter 34(Ellie): Anati Yoga

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This entry is part 35 of 40 in the series Pets

And so, the place sucked. Richard, as always, seemed to fit in but I definitely wasn’t in my element.

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Harmony Chapter 21: Stephen's family

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This entry is part 21 of 27 in the series Harmony

I had explored the rest of the factory fast enough, seeing plenty of interesting material to export.

The next ship was due to arrive in only 3 weeks, I made a mental note to plan the exports as efficiently as possible to maximize our, well, my, revenues.

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Pat Story Introduction

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Pat was born Patrick and is now Patricia.

Patricia is a trans-gendered female who decided to do all of the steps to become a woman, except the gender reassignment surgery.

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Pat Chapter 1: Dressing up

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This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Pat

Dressing up for a BDSM club is not an easy task… especially since my boyfriend and master likes to tie me up, spank me, and often, to strip me naked.

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Almost 3 years of cliff-hanging...

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This Wednesday, I published Chapter 33 of Suzy and Jill, which is the second part of Chapter 32, published on June 14th, 2011, a good 10 months before I last initial run published chapter (Sue Chapter 6, on March 8th 2012).

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Sam Chapter 16: Lost in Anna's thoughts

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This entry is part 16 of 20 in the series Sam

School was barely over and Anna’s parent wouldn’t be home for another hour, leaving us plenty of time to play.

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Suzy and Jill Chapter 33: Second Scene

This entry is part 33 of 39 in the series Suzy and Jill

And so, in front of the camera, Suzy and I had the more boring sexual relation of our life, except perhaps for the excitement that Jill was watching us, filming.

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Karen story introduction

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The main character of Karen (another unnamed male protagonist) is a happily married man who, on his fifth year anniversary of their marriage, receives from his wife (Karen) a chastity device secured via his prince Albert piercing he received the previous year at her request.

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Karen Chapter 1: Coming home

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This entry is part 1 of 8 in the series Karen

After a long day at work, all I could think of was my sexy and beautiful wife Karen.

Even after 5 years of marriage, she was always able to surprise and challenge me, to push me further and deeper in love with her.

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A five week buffer??? Indeed!

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For the first time in the history of this blog, there is a Five week buffer!

That’s a total of 23 chapters (now that this morning’s chapter is published), and 18,057 words.

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Sue Chapter 8: Awaiting her friends

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This entry is part 8 of 14 in the series Sue

After I got Sue to scream my name a few times, we got dressed and reviewed the apartment.

To Sue’s disappointment, there was noting left to do to prepare for the party, so I made a mental note to let a few things to clean up in the future, perhaps leaving some dirty dishes to wash (even if I am a dishwasher) or a few towels drying in the bathroom.

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Read this first... what is this site?

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This site contains mature (18 years old or more) stories serialized chapter by chapter and written by a single (currently anonymous) author (me), all of which contains erotic content ( or will at some point for newer serials).

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New schedule, new buffer...

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With the relaunch of the site in 2014, I am attempting to once again build a buffer by attempting to write more stories each week than I am publishing.

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Sam Chapter 15: After School

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This entry is part 15 of 20 in the series Sam

I collapsed on my bed right from school. What a day! I certainly didn’t expect the attention I had been getting.

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Lizzie Chapter 25: Morning Talk

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This entry is part 26 of 31 in the series Lizzie

I woke up from my sleep and felt as if I had slept for 3 years!

The previous evening with Stephanie had struck a cord and I couldn’t wait to see my red-headed beauty. Of course, meeting the Gold Members had been the cherry on top.

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Harmony Chapter 20: A survey

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This entry is part 20 of 27 in the series Harmony

Supper was just like any other supper, except that this time, my mind was elsewhere, despite Mark being most closer to me than usual and Cassiopeia, sitting in front of me, kept touching my legs with her feet in a feeble attempt at flirting.

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Sue Chapter 7: The shower

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This entry is part 7 of 14 in the series Sue

There was a knock on my door at 4h50, with Sue arriving a good ten minutes early to help.

Arriving early is rude, I already explained it. But in this case, Sue was officially coming by to help me prepare for a party, in which case arriving early is indicated.

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1 week of Buffer!

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I didn’t think it would be possible, but I managed to already fill a full week of buffer of stories, in only what, 48 hours?

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The Slaveteen Universe

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The Slaveteen universe was my first fictional NSFW universe. I created it while writing the Susanna story.

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Stories Status

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Now that I had plenty of time away from my stories, I want to update you on what I think about their future. Read More…

I am back...

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Guess what? I went on hiatus in March of 2012 and stopped checking my emails. Soon after, I lost my domain name and a squatter bought it.

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