January 2011 is now fully scheduled

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With the addition of “Sam Chapter 11: Twosome”, the last article for January 2011 is now ready to do as scheduled, meaning that even thought January didn’t even start yet, the month is all set.

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POV Story Introduction

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The Point of View (POV) Story isn’t a real serial but rather an assorted series of chapters which show narrative from another series from the point of view of another character and in a different storyline.

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5 Months anniversary, time for a break

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NSFWAuthor.info was launched on July 6th 2010, just 5 months ago now.

When it was originally put online, a lot of “Suzy and Jill” as well as a lot of “Pets” chapter were quickly placed online but by July 10th, a schedule was set-up with 1 chapter published per day.

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Susanna Chapter 23: Meet Simon

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This entry is part 23 of 40 in the series Susanna

Jeff opened the door. I was so happy to see him.

He untied me from the table. After countless days, I was free from the mistress.

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Cathy Chapter 8: Jasmine and Louis

This entry is part 8 of 13 in the series Cathy

I now had been officially initiated into the secret art of lesbian love-making but I still didn’t feel completely aware of what it was involving.

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Where is today's chapter ?

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Cathy chapter 8, titled Jasmine and Louis is already 648 words long out of perhaps 1000 words. It was planned to be completed in time for this morning but emergencies after emergencies have interrupted my writing schedule.

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Lizzie Chapter 12: Conspiracy Theory

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This entry is part 13 of 31 in the series Lizzie

I came back to my room excited about my new situation.

I already had Tim sealed and Stephanie would soon “belong” to me too. Since I was already sealed to a Silver member, that meant I only had to seal one other person to progress to the next level.

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