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This is the site of an author who enjoys writing NSFW (Not Safe For Work) short stories, mainly because they contain erotic content.

The site has NO banner ads and NO donation buttons. Everything is free of charge!

Some of the stories are stand-alone but in many cases, new relationships from a story will evolve into a series.

The site was launched in July 2010, and I began publishing stories on a daily (M-F) basis shortly after.

I managed to publish (with the exception of occasional pauses) daily stories for a period of roughly 1 year until I got sick in June of 2011 and ended up losing the rhythm and didn’t return to the site until October.

Still, I only managed to publish 11 chapters, 5 of which (the final 5 of Susanna) had been written back in 2001.

Shortly after, I lost my domain name, only to get it back on May 7th 2014!

Since then, I am trying to re-establish my buffer and progress on my stories once more.



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  1. Jack Sealander Says:


    I like your site. So Far I have read through Harmony and Helen. I like the stories, but I have two suggestions for you. First, I noticed a hefty amount of typos in you stories. Considering the rapid rate at witch you publish ythem, this is not surprising. I would suggest finding someone to go along behind you and clean up the errors. Secondly, and this is just an issue of personal taste, I would enjoy your stories a lot more if you would add an element of embarrassment to the nudity, or at least mention it more often. Your heroins all seem to be just slightly annoyed at being buck naked. It’s not terribly arousing. Otherwise, I love your work!



  2. The Author Says:

    I know about the typos. I used to have a reader who submitted typos but he stopped sending them when I stopped updating his favorite story on a weekly basis (I don’t remember which one it was, perhaps Lindsey).

    I personally find a woman proud of her nudity to be my biggest turn on and as such, embarrassment over nudity to be a major turn off for me.

    When I write such shame into a story, it disrupts my ability to go on.


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