Where to start?

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You can start visiting my About page and browsing through my articles in theĀ about category.

You can of course jump directly to the stories either by clicking on the stories category or by clicking on one of the individual categories such as the Sylvana story [First Chapter] or the Suzy and Jill story [First Chapter].

I strongly recommend you read from the first chapter my stories, especially the serialized ones which form a single story from chapter to chapter:

Alternatively, you can click in the Schedule tool bar at the top of the page which lists each of the Main and Alternate stories. Clicking on a story name will take you to the individual category of that story.

The Featured Series in the top bar also lists my stories and a brief summary and generally a list of the main characters.

If you want to read them in chronological order, I recommend you use the Series tool bar on the right. It lists each of the chapters for the various stories in their proper order.

Another neat trick is that each of my stories will have its own introduction posted in the Story Introduction category.

Finally, you can view a list of upcoming chapters on the right column, showing if this site is still well updated. This can reassure you that you are not reading in vain and in some cases, the titles may give a little preview of what is coming.

I now even list at the top of the page the next day of the week without an article scheduled. This gives you a clear indication of how strong my buffer is.

Still don’t know where to start ? Here is a breakdown by some of the subjects :

BDSM / Bondage:

Girl on girl action:

Threesomes and group sex:

Female Nudity and Clothed Males/Nude Females:

Chastity Belts:

Pony Play:

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  1. Tang Says:

    Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how much i enjoyed reading all your stories. They are so beautifully descriptive and heartfelt, and i can really feel the emotion. I look forward to reading later chapters.

    Tang XXX

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