Phil Chapter 1: The chase

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And so the building really existed. I wasn’t sure I wasn’t losing my mind but the vision had been so clear that I had been unable to shake the thought away.

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Pets Chapter 28(Ellie): Cheating?

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I woke up with a strange feeling until I remembered that Richard had fucked Candy the previous night.

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Suzy and Jill Chapter 28: Waking Up

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I woke up Sunday morning from what felt like a nightmare, but I soon realized that last night’s movie was still fresh in my mind. I couldn’t shake the feeling of weakness away from me so I stayed motionless, letting both of my girlfriends cuddle me under the covers.

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Lucy Chapter 5: Interlude II

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We are in a high class conference room. Philip, still wearing his jeans, is pacing the room back and forth, furious at the decision of the board.

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Writing Olivia #8 was hard to write

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It took me over 6 writing sessions in the span of 3 months to actually write the 8th Chapter of Olivia. Read More…

Susanna Chapter 28: Slave to Simon

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After a few days, my labia was back to normal but to say that I was back to being a normal girl would have been exaggerated.

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Olivia Chapter 8: Pleasuring her

This entry is part 8 of 15 in the series Olivia

I was still in the bath, enjoying the few minutes I still had to myself when Emily came bursting through the room, naked.

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200,000 words

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When I woke up this morning, here is a little gem I saw at the bottom of the site:

Published Word Count on the site: 200,475
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Lizzie Chapter 16: Post-Sealing Celebration

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Getting Kylie sealed to me was most likely the most fun I’ve had since I entered college.

Seeing my naked roommate kneel before me in shame and humiliation only increased my attraction to her forbidden fruit.

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What is an alternate story, strike two

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The schedule changed a lot since I first explained alternate stories and the very definition of an alternate story and a main story changed a few times, so I thought it was time to clarify the situation. Read More…

Harmony Chapter 11: Third Wheel

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The train stopped in the middle of nowhere. Unlike the other locations, there was no station to stop at per se.

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Phil Story Introduction

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Phil is a normal 30 years old normal guy. He has a crappy job and lives in a crappy apartment. Nothing extraordinary ever happened to Phil: he had average grades and dates average women for a few dates until they get tired of him and dump him. Read More…

Lucy Chapter 4: The Machine

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Lucy had passed a few more tests and luckily passed them all. Slowly, room by room, she was losing sense of who she was.

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And so I am back

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I managed to write a little, but I have no illusions. I am not sure I will be able to quickly fill my schedule 5 days per week. Read More…

POV Chapter 3: PKOP Evening News

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“We have the pleasure of receiving the new chief inspector for servitude regulation, Mr. Jake Farelli”

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I reviewed all my projects this morning...

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I did a full review on the state of new chapters this morning because my other personal project is now completed. Read More…

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