Pets Chapter 36(Richard): Saying Goodbye

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Hugo had kept me company while my submissives were doing their first public scene under the Jake’s discrete camera filming everything on my own memory card.

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Susanna Chapter 31: Inviting Jeff

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Eventually, she signaled me to get out of the room; she left Simon there, but put a bathrobe on.

We went in the lobby, where she gave me instructions. She then called Jeff to join us.

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Susanna Chapter 30: Taking care of her

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Dorothy quickly enough found her way back to me after leaving Simon in the bath.

“Now little bitch, what are we going to do with you?”

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Cathy Chapter 6: Louis and Jasmine

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I wasn’t always very open sexually speaking. I wasn’t particularly inhibited but I wasn’t always as outspoken as I am today.

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Lizzie Chapter 4: Initiation

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I thought back about the campus map. The computer engineering classes were divided in two main areas. There was the main science campus which housed the general software and hardware development classes and there was the smaller Faulkner building which was used solely for more specialised programs, like mine.

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