Lizzie Chapter 32: Mass Milking

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I did a quick look around as Annie was fetching my black robe for the ceremony.

I had been offered a mask, but since I had been the emcee earlier I felt like it was useless to hide my face. Well, it might have added to the decorum, but in a way, I wanted to be known, to be recognized.

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Lizzie Chapter 16: Post-Sealing Celebration

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Getting Kylie sealed to me was most likely the most fun I’ve had since I entered college.

Seeing my naked roommate kneel before me in shame and humiliation only increased my attraction to her forbidden fruit.

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Lizzie Chapter 9: Sealed

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The new ceremonial room was much smaller and consisted of a normal class room with all of the desks pushed in a corner of the room.

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Lizzie Chapter 5: Coffee

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It didn’t take long before the scene was reset. The bed sheets were removed and fresh ones were put in place.

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Lizzie Chapter 4: Initiation

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I thought back about the campus map. The computer engineering classes were divided in two main areas. There was the main science campus which housed the general software and hardware development classes and there was the smaller Faulkner building which was used solely for more specialised programs, like mine.

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