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When I woke up this morning, here is a little gem I saw at the bottom of the site:

Published Word Count on the site: 200,475

This means that I now have over 200,000 of my words published on NSFWAuthor.info. It’s no small landmark. For me, it’s a huge victory.

Sure, a certain portion of that number is from the 46 blogs and the 17 story introductions or even from the 3 old “About” articles from the first version of the site.

But still, that leaves 181 articles already published with 10 more in the queue.

To celebrate, I made a few changes to the site:

  • I now put a legend on the story types in the top of the site
  • I now put a number of scheduled chapters (not counting blogs)
  • I now list in the Featured Story page the date of the last chapter published
  • I also list the date of the next chapter to be published

I also took the opportunity to reorder my stories by total number of words.

It’s not much, but I think it makes the site clearer.

Soon, story #200 is coming and I plan to reveal that week a major element hidden so far for the occasion.

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