A buffer is like a net

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When an online writer who decides to publish daily chapters of his stories has a buffer, it’s kind of like a net for a circus performer.

You can run without it, but if you fall, it can save your life.

Writing isn’t easy. Writing and publishing as you go along is even worse. Every time I publish a new chapter, I cannot go back on my words and re-edit the past. Sure, I don’t have millions of readers and most of my readers focus on one or two of my stories.

But if I change of there stories, they won’t go back in time just for fun and that means it’s already too late, once a chapter is live, it’s set in stone. I can correct typing errors, like the direction of the sun in an Harmony chapter, but I cannot completely revise history.

I don’t usually suffer from Writer’s block, which explains why I have been able to publish so many chapters since this site came online. I am rather prolific, quality might not be there, but quantity is.

I have 236 story chapters online, published 5 pers, so that’s 47 weeks of stories in 11 months despite 2 month long vacations (mid-December to mid-January as well as February).

The Christmas vacation was there to help me build my buffer, but once it was built I switched to another project and neglected this site until the buffer was empty. Since then, in March, I have not been really able to regain the momentum, usually writing 4 new chapters per week and publishing an old unpublished chapter from Susanna or, like this Tuesday, from Harmony.

Some of the new chapters aren’t that bad. I am rather happy with Cathy, yesterday, and with Pets, the day before.

But today, every time I try to write the next Susanna chapter, I blank out. You see, I have 3 to 5 chapters to write in Susanna before the conclusion is reached and I have never been able to make those chapters work. Not in 2001, not between 2001 and now, and certainly not today.

I’ll get there, and a buffer giving me a few days to slowly build the arc of those chapters would be beneficial, but I don’t have such a buffer today. I write each morning that day’s chapter.

And so, today, I don’t have a story. Not yet anyway. The day is still young and perhaps inspiration will strike.

Instead, I’ll make a deal with you, my readers. This is a blog entry. I normally publish a blog on Saturdays. This week’s blog is on Friday, so I try over the week-end to publish today’s chapter.

I’ll try to focus and write either a new POV chapter or that next Susanna chapter. I do realize that soon, I will need a new story on Fridays, but until I do, those are my two options.

In exchange for your patience, I’ll give you my plan for next week.

I don’t know what I’ll write for Monday. I will probably write it Monday morning, at the last minute.

Tuesday, I am supposed to write a Suzy & Jill chapter: this week was Harmony, so next week is Suzy & Jill. The story? Jill holds the camera for the first sex scene for their homemade porn production.

Wednesday is Lizzie, their daughter. This week was Pets. On the plan is her ceremony to become a Silver member, so once again, it will involve a ritual, nudity and some kinky stuff. I have been planing this ceremony for months but I had other stuff to get out of the way first. Harmony will return the following week, as she explores the colony management console.

Thursday is Olivia: this week was Cathy. Olivia will talk with the two twin girls in the “cell” where she is staying. The two girls are important, because it will become clear rather quickly that Olivia will slowly be made a triplet for them. This week’s chapter will not feature sex, but don’t worry, it’s coming…

BTW, for those depressed by Cathy’s chapter this week, wait until the next Cathy chapter in which Cathy takes matters in her own hands and has a second orgy under her own terms.

And that leaves Friday. I used to hate Thursdays, but now Olivia is in a good place, and Cathy still has at least that one good chapter left. Even Phil should soon be able to get down to the sex: many of the future chapters have been planned years ago and I have a few nice arcs which will tie Phil with Lucy, with possibly a crossover planned with Sam.

Helen is still in limbo but I decided to try and write one sentence per week starting next week and all of the ideas I had for Lindsey recently will end up with Olivia, sorry Lindsey fans… You will get to see her soon however in Michael’s POV story.

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    […] My current goal is to bring my buffer to the maximum I can, knowing that it empties at the rate of 5 articles per week, hopefully always filling it more than it empties, so that the next time I am stuck without ideas, I have a safety net. […]

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