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I have made a few changes to the design of the site to make it more appealing. The most noticeable ones are the background colors and the post titles.

I always thought that because they incorporated the series name my story titles were way too long. That’s one of the reasons I keep my new series name so short. “Richard’s Pets” for example, was renamed “Pets” for that explicit reason.

While visiting other websites, I saw a countdown with the countdown number written underneath the item name. With a little tweaking around, I came up with this new header style which I find personally more attractive.

It highlights both the series name which is very useful in the list of recent chapters and the chapter name by putting in deep black letters above the series name.

The series box (“This entry is Part # of # in the Series ###”) used to be bright white and flashed with the rest of the list. I used a gray instead to leave it more subtle.

If you have ideas, don’t hesitate to e-mail me (webmaster at my domain name) and I will take them into account.

I plan not to put pictures however.

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