Movie Review: Room in Rome

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I recently watched Room in Rome. I thought it would be a great source of inspiration.

After all, it’s a story about two girls who have sex several times with each other while rarely wearing clothes. At the same time, they are discovering just who they are.

It’s sex with a non-sexual story, like most of my own stories.

Every since I first heard about the movie I intensively wanted to watch it. I thought: “This is right up my alley”.

Sadly, it’s not. The sex scenes are rather ordinary. The first time Natasha performs oral sex on Alba (in a 69), not only do we barely see anything but Alba climaxes rather quickly as if Natasha was already an expert.

Furthermore, there are a lot of scenes which just made me cringe, starting with Natasha protesting she isn’t a lesbian and a few seconds later, asking Alba “Do you want to see me naked ?”.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all up for female bi-curiosity, but there are no signs of any changes in Natasha’s thoughts between her protest and the question, making it illogical. I don’t claim that my stories are much better, but I am just an amateur writer, not a professional film-maker.

Furthermore, once both girls are naked and laying next to each other on the bed, they start caressing each other’s hair and face. I believe this was Alba’s plan all along. She dragged Natasha to her hotel room to have sex with her and she is finally reaching her goal.

So, what does she do ? She falls asleep so deeply she doesn’t hear Natasha leaving the room and talking to her in Russian.

And don’t tell me she was tired because they later spent most of the night awake without yawning a single time.

The movie later picked up but there is a scene on the balcony the next morning where both girls extend an arm forward. They made a big case that Natasha was left handed earlier in the movie. Alba is right handed. If they each extended their dominant hand, they would meet in the middle because they are facing forward: Alba’s right is Natasha’s left.

Why the hell then did Natasha extend the right arm ? Why make a fuss about her being left handed if it’s not a Chekov’s gun ?

There are nice moments however. The paintings in the hotel room look as if they were characters and in one case, almost seem to come alive.

Sadly, I was left uninspired and it even stopped my writing for a few days.

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