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I have decided to now post stories on a daily basis instead of as soon as I will have written them.

For my first week, I simply updated as often as I could. I wrote 4 new Suzy and Jill chapters, 2 new Lindsey chapters and 1 new Pets chapter.

As soon as one was finished, it was placed online which was positive. But because my inspiration was only talking to me for those 3 stories, Sylvana and Susanna didn’t get a single new word written for them.

The reason is simple: I have a very detailed plan for Suzy and Jill and lots of ideas for Lindsey. As for Pets, I was only missing 3 chapters before I could publish another 5 online without any efforts.

But that leaves Susanna and Sylvana hanging.

With the new schedule, I will only post 1 new chapter per story per week. Even if I write additional chapters for Suzy and Jill, it won’t make a difference which will encourage me to work on Susanna and Sylvana.

With Susanna, the problem is that the story was written in 2001 and is lacking huge segments. To write the new chapters, I first need to review the existing material to ensure I do not write myself in a corner.

With Sylvana, the problem was that my notes only extended another 2 chapters, as if was planned as a short story. I other words, once these 2 chapters will be written and posted I will need to develop the future story arc, a problem I do not have with any of my other 4 stories.

I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to post a new update every week in either case, but if I can’t I’ll post either a Lindsey or a Suzy and Jill chapter.

Thank you for reading !

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