Slave Academy Story Introduction

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The Susanna story was mostly written in 2001. It was always planned to have several chapters dedicated to Susanna’s time spent at the Atkinson Slave Academy. In the second chapter, she visits the academy and longs to return to it for her training.

Sadly, when writing was interrupted, the chapter following chapter 2 was Susanna’s return from the academy and the following weeks. The academy plays a big part in Susanna’s life and is central to the plot of the story, but in order to do it well, it would require over 20 to 40 still unwritten chapters on its own when there are around 30 already written waiting for publication right after it.

So, I have decided to take her time at the Academy and split it away from the main story to instead make it a spin-off series to run once one of the other 4 series will have been completed.

I do not plan to finish Pets or Suzy and Jill anytime soon, but Sylvana doesn’t have a lot of ┬áchapters left. It’s a much shorter story hard to extend. I might make a spin-off with the male protagonist having encounters with other woman but nothing is planned on the table.

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