April Chapter 1: A Day in the Office

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April is almost a normal office worker. She goes to work in the morning, mingles with everyone else and simply comes back home at the end of the day.

Sure, she is rather hot for an office worker, often wearing short skirts or plunging cleavage, but her male co-workers never really complained about it.

It did make having female friends in the office harder, but she managed to form close bonds with Jane, a rather eccentric girl who enjoys being provocative.

But April isn’t entirely normal, or so she believes. You see, since she was 5, April has been clinically depressed with her head filled with dark thoughts and suicide ideas.

She actually made over 20 attempts on her life before deciding that keeping a job and a low profile was probably her best option in life.

She dated a little, usually morning-less encounters after nights of debauchery and drinking sometimes even with the Jane in question.

One morning, she woke up with Jane in her bed, both of them without a stich of clothes on and a complete lack of memories about the previous alcohol fuelled evening.

Since then, Jane has been flirting discreetly with her and April sometimes wonders if it wouldn’t help her get out of her stupor.

They say that repressed gay males are often clinically depressed because of their repression and Jane made April wonder if she was really a repressed lesbian.

April did like doing it with a guy, but couldn’t find a single one she actually wanted to stay in touch with. Perhaps it was a sign…

This morning however, April, like many others, was trying to work with a hangover when Jane came to see her.

“Hey April, wanna hang at my place tonight. I have some nice tequila…”

“Maybe. I don’t think I have anything planned…”

Suddenly, Jane became white and started screaming. April didn’t realize why until she saw that she was completely naked, from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.

“What, where are my clothes ?”, asked April in panic.

Jane quickly grabbed April’s coat and threw it on her, but as soon as the coat touched April’s skin, it vanished into thin air.

April frantically hid her breasts with her arm, yelling “Do something, what’s going on ?”

Many of her colleagues had reached her cubicle by then. One of her male friends, Kyle, removed his jacket to cover April but the Jacket also vanished into thin air.

Jane decided to help April up to bring her to the rest room but in the process, her blouse briefly touched April’s shoulder and vanished from Jane’s back, leaving her with only a bra above the waist.

“Make it stop! What’s going on! Help!”, yelled April as they moved from her cubicle to the nearest bathroom.

As soon as April set foot on the carpet in the corridor, it too vanished into thin air, leaving a dirty tiled floor underneath.

The two girls ran in panic and April locked herself inside of a bathroom stall, crying in silence.

The poor but sexy woman seemed condemned to remain naked as if a curse had been laid on her.

“A curse? What are you talking about?”

What? Are you talking to me, April?

“Yes, who are you exactly?”

I am the narrator, you are not supposed to be hearing me.

“Well, what do you mean, the narrator? Am I in a story?”

Yes, this story is published on a site with various other erotic stories. You and I are just characters. Well, more you than I for I am supposed to be an absent 3rd person narrator.

“Erotic? You mean that my whole life is lie, that I am just the figment of a twisted imagination? Is that why I was always do depressed?”

Well, no, you are depressed to set the mood of the story. You didn’t really exist until recently. This story was just there to humiliate you even more, but somehow you became aware of me. That’s not normal, no other character ever noticed me.

“Are you sure I am not real?”

Think about it, what’s your last name?

“My last name? I don’t know…”

Don’t you think you should know it by now? Most of the characters of our author do not have a last name, just a first name.

Wait April, Jane has been wanting to say something, but since I was busy talking with you, I never gave her a chance to talk.

“What do you mean ?”

In a story, characters cannot talk without the help of the narrator to introduce them, I need to say that she is the one doing the talking. Here we go: Jane, worried, talks to her friend.

“Who are you talking to April?”

“To the narrator. Can’t you hear him?”

“What, is there someone with you ?”

Jane suddenly leaves the bathroom.

“She left? Why?”

Because I said she was leaving. Anything I say occurs. For example, suddenly, you skin turns light blue.

“Argh! My skin is all blue!”

You see ?

“Do you think this a joke?”

Well, It is April 1st… April’s fools everyone!

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