Helen Chapter 3: Meeting myself

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This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Helen

“Let’s assume that everything you said it true. I am indeed in the future and there are 4 other copies of me. Can I meet them ? Can they confirm you are not a raving maniac ? ”

“Sure, we have a supper planned just for the 6 of us. You, me and your four copies. You’ll get to see what you will look like in 2 years, 4 years, 6 years and 8 years. In my own opinion, you are hot regardless of your age…”

“Why isn’t there a fifth copy ?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll know in 2 years, like you. Each of the copies will decide they stay of if they leave. We already know you and the next 3 copies decided to stay, but that the last copy left. Perhaps by then you’ve had enough and decided to leave.”

“But then, when she gets back home, she will suddenly be 10 years older…”

“That’s what you’d think… In reality, for you, I’ve decided to do a special and simply prevent you from coming here in the first place. Instead of getting a memory wipe and waking up 2 years or even 4 years older without understanding why, I’ll erase from our original time line your presence here. Your 5 copies of you will remain forever here, but you’ll get to live on”

“So, what will happen with my older copy ?”

“Questions, questions, questions… aren’t you anxious to meet you ? They will all remember more of less the supper because they are from your future.”

The locked door on my level clicked, and an older copy of me appeared from the other side, just as naked as I was.

“Hello Helen, I am Helen 2. I am you after one iteration. I remember how confused I was, but please, trust me…”

“But that’s impossible, it means you saw yourself when you first arrived ?”

“No, It’s Helen 3 who then introduced me. Of course, she was Helen 2 at that moment. Each new iteration is brought back sooner than the previous, so that we appear in the right order. Look, I just got my tattoo, she said, pointing to a little blue bar left of her navel”

“And you remember everything that you are telling me now ?”

“Including thinking about asking you this question. Better yet, and this will blow your mind, but in a few minutes, I’ll answer one of your questions before you ask it. I didn’t know how it was possible, but I clearly remember thinking it. It’s something about contextual memory… being back here brings back the memories of when I was you and I could hear me talking.”

“And Helen 3 remembers everything from our time ?”

“And so on… normally, Steve wipes the memory of the other girls before they come back for another cycle, but the first Helen, who is now Helen 5, convinced him otherwise.”

“So, that means that…”

“Yes, it means that”, and she put her index finger on her lips to silence me.

Oh, I see… my question was whether keeping our memories would help us find a way to escape. By combining 5 points of views from the same 2 years, perhaps we would find a solution and escape this planet on our own terms instead of on Steve’s term.

“But what is going to happen until then ?”

“We’ll have a lot of fun. I still remember the orgasm Helen 2 gave me after the supper. I guess I get to live it from the other side.”

“We will have sex ?”

“Lots of time… think of it as masturbation, after all, I am you !”

We walked hand in hand toward a small building with a long wooden table. A feast was presented with my only favourite food. After all, it was prepared by Helen 5 and Helen 4 in my honour.

Seeing myself in the future made me see that I did age well. Even Helen 5, who was 10 years older than me still looked rather attractive, but I kept wondering if the reason she didn’t go on for another cycle was because I had enough and asked to go home or if I somehow found a way home.

Sadly, since I didn’t control the time travel device, I could warn me in advance but I still would have 2 years to find a way, and 4 completely trustable allies to help me.

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