Lizzie Chapter 30: Plans with Kylie

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After a walk in the dark night trying to hide our mischief, we were back at our dorm room, both excited.

“Now, I have the name of many of the boys… I might be able to contact them for interviews!”, Kylie was saying.

“What will you do with the money?”, I asked.

“It’s not our money. I’ll keep it in a safe my thesis teacher installed for me in his office so that we can figure out what to do with it later. If the guys were extorted, for example, the police will want the money as a proof. ”

“The police? Are you sure they’d be interested?”, I wondered…

“Well, if there’s extortion, or if any of these boys skipped a grade and was only 17 when they joined, they’d hit the society as hard as butter on a hot frying pan!”

Odd comparison..

“Oh boy, I am so excited!”, and she was!

“I have never seen you so happy Kylie!”

“And I am! And it’s all thanks to you…”, she added, locking her eyes on me.

Kylie stood from her bed, pulled me in and hugged me. I think it’s the closest I had ever been to her…

The hug ran too long and entered the awkward zone. If I was wasn’t real and instead, a character in a cheap porno, I’d swear this would lead somewhere…

Our hug finally ended and I was about to go sit back on my bed when Kylie suddenly jumped on my kips and kissed me.

I was still surprised when she pushed me on my bed and began undoing the buttons on her vest.

“Kylie, are you sure that…”

She interrupted me.

“Don’t talk, I might change my mind…”

Fine by me! I helped her with her vest and soon, we were equal with our quantity of clothing. Kissing resumed, this time, even more passionately.

She broke her kiss to remove her shirt, showing her plain white bra covering her small perky breasts. Well, perky was a word like any other. There was no turning around the subject, Kylie was a  plain teenager who never really grew out of her shell.

“Since we talked about you hearing me masturbate, it’s all I can think about. I even caught you once doing it while you thought I was asleep and I masturbated thinking of you”.

Wow, I never thought things could go this way… Seeing how obsessed she was with the society, I wasn’t sure it was a good thing to move forward. Guys have a saying “Don’t put your dick in crazy… I am not sure it doesn’t apply to lesbian sex too…”

But scene was running away out of my control and for once, I rather liked it. Kylie might be ordinary, but I’ve been somewhat close to her for a little while now and I wasn’t indifferent to her charms…

Her bra fell on my bed after another long passionate kiss and I reciprocated by stripping topless at the same time.

Kylie played a little with my breasts, showing clear inexperience, but I tried to show her the ropes by gently sucking, biting and tugging on her left nipple while caressing the right breast with my hand.

Soon enough, Kylie was once again standing up in the room to reveal her biggest surprise: a completely shaved pussy and tiny lips just like I love them… not long dripping flaps of skins, just small relief on her venus mound.

Kylie must have seen my look.

“I was always self-conscious about my tiny lips compared to drawings and pictures. I shave so they look bigger.”

“Trust me, for a girl, smaller is better…”

Kylie smiled again and kissed me while I wiggled out of my bottom.

Soon enough, there were two sexy naked female body intertwined on my sheets and I realized that Kylie was that plain or simple. What she lacked in experience, she made up with enthusiasm, and counted to.

Most of my partners, male or female, give so much importance to genitals that I don’t get the time to fully get into the mood.

Kylie, on the other hand, was slow, excited and delicate. She caressed my skin as if it was about to break and even if I often liked rough sex, this was an interesting unplanned distraction.

I was the first to break the actual sexuality barrier from the sensual one by inserting a finger in her surprisingly wet pussy.

When she tried to reciprocate, I decided it wasn’t worth it and instead, moved down on her so I could drink from her ambitious garden.

Kylie quickly relaxed and laid on her back, helping me position myself so that my legs wouldn’t dangle off the bed.

“That’s what  I masturbated to. Feeling your sensual tongue on my lips.”, she said, half present.

My tongue went numb before I achieved any result but I continued with my fingers and was eventually helped with hers.

She didn’t climax very differently then when I could hear her in her bed, but it was really nice to be part of it.

We ended up both sleeping in my bed, but unlike me, Kylie didn’t actually get under the covers. In fact, she didn’t move much since her orgasm.

She was asleep a long time before I found my calm and wondered if I would be able to masturbate without waking her… I decided against it and feel asleep.

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    What’s epicness is in store for the mixer? Maybe lines from a guys perspective? What craziness is Kylie planning?

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