Phil Chapter 4: The Offer (part 2)

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This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Phil

I was offered to join the group leading a secretive powerful organization. From the little I know of secret organizations, there is always something sneaky going on, so before accepting, I needed to know more.

“Let’s assume I pass all your tests and you decide to trust me. How does it work? What do I have to do? What do I get?”

Frank looked me in the eyes, as if he was trying to read me the old fashion way.

“Your first task will be to sit on the council of the Enclave. You would have a new seat so no one would be displaced. Each person on the council has a specific role. Your role will be to ensure the council is independent, but no one but me will know that. Officially, your role will be to supervise our defenses, a role which officially rests me with, as responsible for the admission of new users and first speaker of the council”

“Why the secrecy?”

“In the past, the council was elected from the operatives and the first speaker was elected by the members of the council. However, because of our unique ability, the member best able to his abilities to his advantage. Council sessions or elections were filled with telepathic manipulations and when 2 or 3 powerful members decided to join forces in secret, they could often control the cabal for years, turning the other members into their puppets”

“Yikes. I see why I am needed. You’ll want me to prevent this by notifying you if someone tries to manipulate me?”

“Yes, indeed, even if the rules of the cabal changed. Now, there is no need to make manipulations. Skills are evaluated in public and the strongest member of the cabal in one of the so called elite abilities becomes first speaker, and the most powerful in each of the abilities can join the cabal. We also have some members with important combinations which might, by themselves, force their way in. ”

“So, I stay until somebody more powerful than me in defense comes along?”

“Well, you would lose your vote, but not your membership into the Cabal. Now, it’s for life. You keep all of the privileges of having been on the Cabal except your vote. You retire with full pension…”

“So, I get a salary?”

“You get a standard of living. First, if you have debts, we pay them. Then, unless you want to keep your current job, we give you a salary at least a important if you already make a lot of money, otherwise, we get you a nice raise. You get an expense account for a new car or vacations, clothes, computers, anything you need to be happy.”


“And at least one new slave per year”


“Did you think we kept those slaves in boxes? I don’t know if you are single, but even if you’re not, we can get you a sexy 19 year old girl who will do anything you want.”

“I am not sure…”

“Or it could be a boy, if that’s what you prefer…”

“No, I am straight, but I am not sure I really want a sexual slave”

“Hey, do what you want. It’s not mandatory. If one day an available one you want, you get her. At this moment, I have 2 girls myself for sexual reasons, a personal assistant to help me and a guy who is my chauffeur and my butler. And I am married…”

“And I all have to do is sit on your cabal and tell you if there is a coup.”

“More or less. You would have some responsibilities if you quit your job and pay you a salary, but in your case, your abilities are limited at this moment so you would mostly get trained.”

“And if I refuse?”

“You don’t make it out of this room alive”


“And if I accept, but you don’t accept me…”

“Normally, we would turn you into an operative or a slave. We would try to train you to fit into one of the two categories, but I doubt it would work”

“In other words, you would probably have to kill me”


“So if I fail, you will not tell me, you’ll pretend there is another test, a fatal one”

“Are you sure you can’t read minds?”


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