Why is it so long for the sex to appear ?

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If you read the first chapter of most of my stories, you will notice that rare are those that feature sex.In Pets for example, the first sexual suggestion occurs in chapter 6 . That means that there are 5 chapters without any hints of erotic content.

There is a very good reason for that. I like NFSW stories where the sex is part of the story and not simply the story. I like to show the characters where they where before the sex begins, ofter for 1 or 2 full chapters. In the case of Pets, I have 3 narrators so that means 5 sex free chapters, around 2 for each of the narrators.

Don’t worry however, the sex comes in every one of my stories published on this site, otherwise, I would share it to my friends and family.

If what you really want is to jump into the erotic content, you can use the tags on the bottom right of the site to find chapters with at least hints of sexuality. You might not understand where the characters come from, but it will give you a hint of where the action is.

Two of the tags are particularly interesting : Explicit Content and Erotic Content. The first means that a sexual encounter is at least explicitly described while the second one means that it is hinted at.

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