What are Alternate Stories ?

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As the author of this website, I have committed myself into publishing 1 new chapter per day of the week (Monday to Friday).

My normal schedule is :

  • Monday: Lindsey
  • Tuesday: Suzy
  • Wednesday: Pets
  • Thursday: Sylvana (until completed, will be replaced in a few weeks)
  • Friday: Susanna

However, I have more than 5 story ideas and sometimes get stuck with a story, unable to move forward until new inspiration strikes me.

I have therefore decided to write 5 other stories to be published as alternates to my main stories, they are as follows:

  • Monday: Sam
  • Tuesday: Helen
  • Wednesday: Lizzie
  • Thursday: Cathy
  • Friday: Phil

The Alternate stories will generally feature more relaxed story lines with standalone chapters once the introductions will be over.

Every month, I expect to write 2 or 3 chapters of the main story and 1 or 2 of the alternate.

At the time of writing these lines, the first chapter of “Cathy” is about to go live, the first 2 chapters of “Sam” are programmed as is the first chapter of “Helen“.

Lizzie’s first chapter is started but unfinished. As for Phil, do not expect its first chapter until several months into the future with Susanna running full time until then.

With the exception of Lizzie, each of the alternate stories are less developed in scope and will have less chapters and development. I still think they make a fine addition to my website and I hope you will still enjoy them and not simply curse them because you have to wait another week for your favorite main story to return.

Lizzie however, is in a particular position. Pets is clearly a main story with several chapters written back in 2008 still unpublished but the original scope of the 35,000 words novel is soon to be over, probably in September or early October 2010. By then, Lizzie will have hopefully appeared in a few introduction chapters.

At that moment, a switch will occur and Pets will become the alternate story while Lizzie will get promoted to one of the main stories.

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